'Married at First Sight' Recap: Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson Break Down Season 14's New Couples

The MAFS alums are recapping the drama between the season 14 couples, which unfolded on Wednesday's episode

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson
Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson. Photo: Jamie Thompson/Instagram

Elizabeth "Beth" Bice and Jamie Thompson met and wed during Married at First Sight's ninth season, which took place in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2019. On Jan. 5, season 14 of Married at First Sight premiered on Lifetime, following five, Boston-based couples as the reality of their newly-wed lives together sets in. Here, Bice and Thompson give PEOPLE their recap of Wednesday night's episode — and their thoughts on the new couple's futures.

Diving into this week's episode, there is so much to talk about. Some couples are really vibing — and others not so much.

Starting with Mark "The Shark" and Lindsey: when we first met this couple, we thought Mark was going to be too much for Lindsey. But, clearly, we were slightly off.

Mark is showing a lot of patience through this episode and it's good to see him hold Lindsey accountable for the way she is acting. Later in the episode, it's also interesting to hear that Lindsey is falling in love with Mark, although he seems to have a different opinion about how their relationship is going.

We were a little disappointed in the way Lindsey handled herself when Mark was trying to have a civil discussion at the romantic dinner. He really was trying to be polite while expressing his concerns, which is what healthy communication is all about. This couple has a lot of work cut out for them!

The next couple, who also shocked us, was Chris and Alyssa.

We think the way Alyssa handles herself with Chris is cringy, to say the least. We don't understand how you can "hate" someone after only knowing them for less than three days, all the while blaming the experts for this "situation".

What does it even mean when she says, "It's not our fault [that] the experts did this to us"? We need her to define this statement. Chris may not be perfect, but he is handling Alyssa's attitude like a champ. How could someone be so mean to someone because of their looks?

It will be interesting to see how Chris grows from this situation and if Alyssa can let go of her self-seeking ways.

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With all the drama from these first two couples, Noi and Steve are giving us hope in love again. They seem to really respect each other and are super happy to be matched with each other. The chemistry between these two is so strong.

Butterflies fill the air when Noi realizes she could fall in love with him. However, Stephen is much more reserved. Could it be that Stephen feels the same way but is too afraid to say so just yet?

Later in the episode though, there is no denying Stephen's feelings for her. We can't wait to see the rest of their journey as they get to know each other more.

The two wild card couples in this episode are Katina and Olajuwon, and Jasmina and Michael. These couples are like rollercoasters. We think they are trying to figure each other out still but you just don't know which way these relationships might go.

Olajuwon is really wanting to go all-in with Katina but she seems to be holding herself back. Meanwhile, Michael and Jasmina are hot and cold. One minute they are kissing, and the next, they have disagreements regarding communication. Michael's emotions seem to be all over the place in this episode and Jasmina seems to be running out of patience with him. Regardless, these two have some things to figure out for this relationship in order to move forward.

In the end, this episode does not hold back on emotions or drama. It will be very interesting to see how some of these couples work out!! We will absolutely be tuning in.

Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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