'Married at First Sight' Recap: Rachel Gordillo on Couples' 'Different Dynamics' Ahead of Honeymoons

In Wednesday's episode recap, the MAFS alum breaks down the couples' wedding nights, family brunches and honeymoon prep

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Rachel Gordillo. Photo: Rachel g/instagram

Rachel Gordillo appeared on Married at First Sight's 13th season, which took place in Houston and aired in 2021. Though she was married to Jose San Miguel Jr. at the time, the pair have since divorced. On July 6, season 15 of Married at First Sight premiered on Lifetime, following five San Diego-based couples as the reality of their newly-wed lives together sets in. Here, Gordillo gives PEOPLE her recap of Wednesday night's episode and which couples appear to have a "strong" connection heading into their honeymoon.

It is the wedding night and it is looking like all our couples have attraction and chemistry... Some more than others!

I am loving the chemistry between Alexis and Justin. Their body language is screaming sexual chemistry and they appear completely comfortable with each other. Stacia and Nate are another couple with great chemistry on their wedding night. I always believe it's a good sign when you can enjoy your first night as a married couple with some cute cuddles. Alexis and Justin, and Stacia and Nate are starting their marriage strong by having a strong physical connection right away.

Lindy and Miguel also have a strong connection, however, Lindy has a little stressful moment that concerns Miguel. I am hoping Miguel won't see it as a red flag and be a support system to Lindy.

Krysten and Mitch also get ready for bed, and I love how excited Krysten is to show Mitch her more natural state. You can see the comfort building between them when Mitch compliments how he likes Krysten in a more laidback way.

Married at First Sight Mallory Kessel - Justin + Alexis, Nate + Stacie Madeline Barr Photo - Binh + Morgan, Krysten + Mitch Nick Crespo, Dreamer Photo & Film - Lindy + Miguel
Alexis and Justin. Mallory Kessel

The couples are now waking up for the first time as husband and wife to enjoy a lovely breakfast in bed. It is so interesting to see the different dynamics between each of the couples.

Alexis and Justin have such a playful way about them and its great to see how they make each other laugh. However, our other couple, Stacia and Nate, start their morning with a serious conversation about insecurities that leads to a conversation about their childhood. We start to see an emotional connection building between the two.

Lindy and Miguel wake up to discuss expectations on their first trip together and Lindy warns Miguel about her moods and anxiety. Hopefully this doesn't scare off Miguel and we can be witness to this couple blossom throughout their honeymoon. The morning after the wedding for Krysten and Mitch started with very lighthearted conversation about food. They seem to be taking the process slower than the others. However, as they say, slow and steady wins the race.

Married at First Sight Mallory Kessel - Justin + Alexis, Nate + Stacie Madeline Barr Photo - Binh + Morgan, Krysten + Mitch Nick Crespo, Dreamer Photo & Film - Lindy + Miguel
Krysten and Mitch. Madeline Barr Photo

Once the couples are up and ready to start the day, its time for the family brunches. After such a crazy night, it can be pretty intimidating and nerve-racking to meet the family without your spouse present.

Stacia and Nate hit those brunches out of the park! They were very open and honest with each other's family. Stacia gave Nate's family the reassurance they were looking for about being flexible with her work ethic in order to create a successful marriage and not break Nate's heart. Nate also gave reassurance to Stacia's family by sharing a very personal story of his childhood that has influenced how he will want to be as a husband and father. I believe everyone left that brunch, including me, feeling confident about how far this couple will go.

Alexis, on the other hand, might not have made the best first impression. She starts the brunch with saying, "Your son is still celibate!" The reaction on Justin's mom's face was priceless. We know that Alexis has no filter and Justin's mom tells us Justin is very sensitive. Will Justin be too sensitive towards Alexis' remarks? Alexis' family also has concerns about his sensitivity and his views of being a pleaser in a marriage. Alexis' parents tell Justin it's important for him to voice his needs and warn him that Alexis will be very vocal in their relationship.

Married at First Sight Mallory Kessel - Justin + Alexis, Nate + Stacie Madeline Barr Photo - Binh + Morgan, Krysten + Mitch Nick Crespo, Dreamer Photo & Film - Lindy + Miguel
Stacia and Nate. Mallory Kessel

Krysten and Mitch's brunch was very beneficial for the couple. Both families were super protective about their loved ones. Both families started the brunch by asking what their intentions are. The families also shared very important information about the needs of both Krysten and Mitch. Krysten's family let Mitch know that being with Krysten will be challenging for Mitch if he is not open-minded. In return, Mitch's family let Krysten know that Mitch can be brutally honest.

I hope Mitch and Krysten take this advice from the ones that know them best. Let's hope Mitch will be completely honest throughout this process and Krysten will be able to handle his brutal honesty.

Lindy and Miguel also were bombarded with questions from the family. Okay, I have to admit, I love Miguel's sister asking about their astrological signs. I would ask too! I am not sure exactly how accurate their compatibility is by sign, but I am curious to see the dynamic between this Gemini and Cancer. Other big issues arise from this brunch as well. Miguel is told that he will have to be the calming force for Lindy but can he step up to the plate? The topic of finances comes up and we see that there could be some financial differences. Let's hope Miguel doesn't bring out a budget board!

Married at First Sight Mallory Kessel - Justin + Alexis, Nate + Stacie Madeline Barr Photo - Binh + Morgan, Krysten + Mitch Nick Crespo, Dreamer Photo & Film - Lindy + Miguel
Lindy and Miguel. Nick Crespo, Dreamer Photo & Film

The four couples were then told they will be going to Puerto Vallarta. (Can we get Miguel to help everyone pronounce this destination correctly?) Everyone seems really excited about their destination, except Mitch, who was more concerned about the packaging of the honeymoon reveal than the actual trip. I hope Mitch can relax when it comes to plastics and really take the time to get to know Krysten on the honeymoon.

All the couples eventually got to meet for the first time, and I can already tell this will be a fun group to watch! Everyone seems to get along well, and they are very open about their relationships. This can definitely help other couples get insights, or it could potentially hurt couples if they feel the need to compare. Hopefully they can all learn and support each other throughout this process.

And finally, we reach Morgan and Bihn's wedding day! The nerves were definitely high for this couple, but it seemed to be worth the wait.

Married at First Sight Mallory Kessel - Justin + Alexis, Nate + Stacie Madeline Barr Photo - Binh + Morgan, Krysten + Mitch Nick Crespo, Dreamer Photo & Film - Lindy + Miguel
Morgan and Binh. Madeline Barr Photo

Their interaction at the altar was cute and awkward, with big smiles. They instantly seemed to compliment each other, however I do hope Morgan's ability to be overly-independent doesn't interfere with her marriage with Bihn. Bihn seems to be ready to be a great husband for Morgan.

All the couples are finally hitched and off to the honeymoon. Honeymoons can be make or break. Everyone should use this time to get to know their partner in ways that will make their marriage stronger. However, as we know on Married at First Sight, sometimes the honeymoon can reveal the dealbreakers that drive the couples apart.

Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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