'MAFS' : Jasmine Wonders If 'Stagnant' Marriage to Airris Still 'Makes Sense' amid Their Intimacy Struggles

Married at First Sight's Jasmine and Airris aren't making progress on their emotional connection, so the pair meet with expert Dr. Pepper in hopes of igniting a spark and saving their marriage

It's time for a check-in with Jasmine and Airris.

As this season of Married at First Sight progresses, one couple isn't finding their footing as quickly as the experts would like. In PEOPLE's exclusive look at Wednesday's episode, the newlyweds have a heart-to-heart discussion with expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz in hopes of growing their connection.

It turns out, Dr. Pepper is willing to tell them what appears to be going wrong — and who the culprit may (or may not) be.

"I do get the feeling that you guys have not been progressing in the way that we would want you to. What are the things that you feel would help you connect?" Pepper asks in the clip.

This inspires Jasmine to express her ongoing frustrations with Airris.

"I guess the deeper conversations I wanna have, I'm kinda hoping and leaning on him to lead and kind of do those conversations," she says, adding that their lack of physical attraction in the marriage has become her "reality."

Jasmine and Airris Married at first sight credit Lifetime
Jasmine and Airris. lifetime

"We were existing, we were stagnant and I was just letting it be that," she continues. "I guess I'm gonna have to do a better job at initiating that with us, and trying to get the emotional connection that I need from him. In turn, he might get the emotional connection he needs from me."

Throughout the season, Jasmine and Airris have expressed a missing piece in their connection. As their emotional growth lags, they've sworn not to engage intimately until after they make their final decision to split or stay married.

Dr. Pepper inspires the couple to start growing their emotional intimacy by asking Jasmine to share something new with Airris. She chooses to share a bit about her mentor program, in which she inspires young girls to "be true to themselves" and "speak up for themselves."

Jasmine and Airris Married at first sight credit Lifetime
Jasmine and Airris with Dr. Pepper. lifetime

This is important to Jasmine, who only recently began to grow in self-love and admits that she hasn't been advocating for herself in their marriage. She expresses her personal growth, and how Airris' own emotions have swayed her.

"The person I am now — it took a lot to get here. I think the biggest thing for me was, in this, of being in my marriage and him not feeling me, I'm like — I just started to love myself," she says. "I just got to this person that I am all about, and now I'm in this marriage that I've longed for forever, and now my person [is] not even feeling me."

Jasmine adds: "I felt almost like I was in the marriage by myself. So it was like, [does] it even make sense or is it even worth me telling him this? Does he even really care?"

Dr. Pepper changes Jasmine's mindset on the marriage with one simple question: "Have you thought it might not be about you?"

Married at First Sight Season 16 airris jasmine
Airris and Jasmine. Haley Maria Smith Photography

Though Airris doesn't speak in the clip, Dr. Pepper's question leaves a lingering thought: could his lack of attraction to Jasmine have nothing to do with her, and everything to do with himself?

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Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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