'Married at First Sight' 's Anthony D'Amico and Ashley Petta Celebrate 3 Year Wedding Anniversary

The reality show pair have built a strong bond since meeting at first sight in 2016 and now share a daughter

Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta have reached a marriage milestone!

On Monday, the Married at First Sight stars — who met for the first time on their wedding day on Lifetime’s hit reality show — celebrated their third wedding/meeting anniversary.

To mark the occasion, each posted touching tributes on social media.

D’Amico, 36, kicked things off by sharing an Instagram photo featuring him giving his wife a piggyback ride.

“Happy 3 year anniversary babe!” he wrote alongside the image of the pair. “Who would’ve thought we’d be where we are today after taking a crazy leap of faith 3 years ago. What a journey it’s been and the even crazier thing is it’s only the beginning. I love you to the moon and back!”

On Twitter, D’Amico looked back at the unconventional beginnings of his relationship with Petta and said, “Three years ago today I was getting home from a work trip, only hours before my groomsman arrived to Chicago. In 8 very short hours, I’d be marrying a stranger,”

He continued, calling their pairing “a leap of faith that I could have never imagined to turn out like it did.”

Meanwhile, Petta, 32, uploaded her own photo to Instagram — a selfie of the pair taken by D’Amico.

In the shot, she can be seen holding up three fingers to mark the special occasion. “Happy Anniversary,” she wrote in the post’s caption, tagging D’Amico and adding a kiss face emoji.

Among the many hashtags was the word, “#Forever.”

Back in April 2017 — as D’Amico and Petta’s Married at First Sight episode was just airing — the couple shared with PEOPLE how they felt on their wedding night in an exclusive blog.

“I was very happy with my new husband,” Petta wrote at the time. “He has such a cute little face! I felt very comfortable spending the night with him. Oddly enough, it felt pretty natural. After all the nerves and running around of the day, I was very tired and knew we weren’t going to do anything more than sleep, so there was really no pressure there.”

“Just wow!” D’Amico wrote. “All I could think was, ‘This is a dream come true.’ A few hours before, I met an amazing woman named Ashley and I am now calling her my wife!”

“We hit it off right away,” he continued. “She didn’t feel like a stranger to me — I felt connected with her right away. To think that 24 hours before this is, I was sleeping in my own bed and now I’m sleeping next to a beautiful angel and calling her my wife is crazy, but a good crazy.”

Married at first sight Sheila and NateCredit: A&E Networks
Larry Remiker

Since then, the couple have expanded their family together — welcoming their first child, a daughter named Mila Rose D’Amico, on Jan. 12.

“She is perfect in every way,” Petta told PEOPLE at the time of her daughter’s birth. “Holding her for the first time was the most amazing, surreal moment of my life.”

“Watching Anthony take care of her makes me love him even more,” she added. “He’s already an amazing daddy. We can’t wait to show this sweet little baby girl the world.”

Mila Rose has been a staple on both D’Amico and Petta’s Instagrams since the day she came into the world.

On July 19, Petta reflected on how much her life has changed as she marked the 3-year anniversary of being cast on the Lifetime series.

“I remember being so excited but also more nervous than I had ever been before!” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself, D’Amico and Mila Rose. “I wanted it to work out so bad but I went into with low expectations because I didn’t want to end up disappointed!”

“Who would have thought, 3 years later, I would be sitting on the front step of my house with my amazing husband and beautiful baby girl!” she said. “I can’t believe our three year anniversary is right around the corner!”

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