The star opens up about her ex-husband's White House bid may change her life

By Charlotte Triggs
Updated April 20, 2016 09:15 AM
Credit: Photographs by Ryan Pfluger

Donald Trump‘s presidential bid may spell big changes for Marla Maples‘ low-key lifestyle.

After a threatening letter with white powder was sent to Trump’s son Eric in March, Maples, 52, and her daughter Tiffany, 22, are likely to receive Secret Service protection in the near future, they tell PEOPLE.

But Maples says she is ready for the ride. “I always knew that this would be happening. It was something we talked about when we were first together, him running for president and what that would mean for our family,” she says, adding, “Life is always changing. There’s just so much transition in life. Yes, this is another one.”

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After her mother Ann’s death from cancer, Maples relocated from California back to N.Y.C., and says she had not originally anticipated much media attention on her, before her ex-husband’s presidential bid, and her eventual stint on Dancing with the Stars.

“I wasn’t able to quietly come back and start to work in New York like I intended, you know. I thought, ‘I’m Marla Maples, I don’t carry the Trump name anymore. I’m just going to do my work here as an actor, as a singer-songwriter and as a television and radio host.’ I just wanted to come back and work and be closer to my daughter,” she says. “Then, of course, we knew the announcement was coming. So, that changed everything.”

For her part, Tiffany says the threats on her family have been scary.

“I think it puts things in perspective, but you have to rely on the amazing security we do have in this country and the police and Homeland Security and the FBI. Everyone really wants to protect those who are running for office and the families,” she says, adding that her dad has “a lot of Secret Service – he needs it.”

“You can be scared,” Tiffany says, “but I have faith in the security.”

As for whether her father could actually become the president of the United States, “I think you can’t really prepare for something that amazing happening,” Tiffany says. “So, at this point, I think life changes and I think every day you wake up and you do the best you can do that day.”