How Many Pull-Ups Can Mark Wahlberg Do in 30 Seconds? Hint: 'A Lot'

Mark Wahlberg reveals his strict morning routine that helps him stay in such great shape

Photo: Warner Bros.

Some people say macho man, we just say Mark Wahlberg.

If the mere sight of his bulging biceps didn’t already tip you off, the actor showed off his incredible strength on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday when he was challenged to do pull-ups to help raise money for charity.

DeGeneres explained that for every pull-up he did, $1,000 would be donated to aid in breast-cancer awareness.

Before starting, Wahlberg announced that his goal was to do two pull-ups, but hoped to reach five. But as soon as he stepped up to the bar, it was clear the actor was just being modest.

The actor effortlessly notched an impressive 22 pull-ups in 30 seconds, raising $25,000 in total after DeGeneres decided to round up the number.

Wahlberg has had a lot of practice doing pull-ups lately – just check out the newest trailer for his upcoming film Daddy’s Home (out Dec. 25), in which he stars alongside Will Ferrell.

So how does the 44-year-old actor manage to stay in such great shape? Easy: He just gets up at 3 a.m. every morning.

“I wake up at 3, I go down to the kitchen and I make egg whites, Ezekiel bread, almond butter with a little avocado,” he explains. “I go downstairs, I workout for about an hour with my buddy Jonathan.”

However, Wahlberg does admit that it’s not easy to convince someone to wake up at that hour to work out with him.

“I had to say to him today, ‘Am I training you? How much are you paying me because I keep having to yell at you to keep up and make sure your form is good.’ ”

But his workout pal’s lack of motivation certainly doesn’t slow down Wahlberg’s day. “So then I have a shake, and then I make a salad – my food to go for the morning, and then I have turkey burgers and sweet potato and then I get to the golf course at 6 o’clock. I play until 8 o’clock.”

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Despite his strict regimen and schedule, the actor says he still makes sure to sneak in some “alone time” with his wife, Rhea Durham, early in the day. And he knows just the trick.

“She just wants me fixing things. I wear a wife-beater around the house, walk around with the hammer or screwdriver. I go fix the door or something,” he revealed.

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