The late night host has conducted the hilarious video challenge five years in a row

By Andrea Park
Updated October 14, 2016 02:43 PM

The passing of Halloween means just one thing: It’s time for Jimmy Kimmel‘s “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” challenge.

For the fifth year in a row, Kimmel asked mischievous parents to video themselves convincing their children they ate all the leftover Halloween candy, and this year, Mark Ruffalo got in on the fun.

In the video of his “cruel” prank, Ruffalo starts by stuffing some candy in his mouth to make it all more believable, and then breaks the bad news to his two youngest children and their friends. The kids immediately start screaming and attacking Ruffalo, who then, of course, begins morphing into the Hulk – wait, what?

“They really have to be careful,” Kimmel says of the kids’ attacking the actor who plays the easily angered superhero.

Although Ruffalo admits his video was “a little set up,” Kimmel also shared a very real compilation of many more parents tricking their kids. The prank sparks a wide variety of responses, including tears, tantrums, the silent treatment, storming out of rooms and some physical outbursts like Ruffalo experienced.

The verbal responses are perhaps the most entertaining, though: One little girl cries, “But I wanted to try Skittles!” while an angry young boy peeks in his treat bag and yells, “There’s only wrappers in there, turkey butthole!” Looks like somebody’s already in the Thanksgiving spirit.