March 29, 2011 09:25 AM

They make a cute couple on and off the dance floor!

Season 12 Dancing with the Stars partners Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane are steaming up a new video for his song “Hotwire.”

In the clip, Ballas, whose album HurtLoveBox was released earlier this month, is taking photographs out in Los Angeles when he spots Kane, who’s putting up signs that read, “Life must be lived as play,” on building walls.

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Ballas, 24, and Kane, 22, run around the neighborhood, checking out graffiti and avoiding a policeman as Ballas sings, “Now you’d better break all the windows / hotwire my heart / you are the cables / when I fall apart / and I’m goin’ nowhere / if this battery dies / in a blink of an eye / we’ll be bending time.”

They eventually check into a hotel, where they go for a swim before getting into bed together and sharing a passionate kiss. When Ballas wakes, Kane is gone, so he takes off running down the street only to find her waiting at a bus stop with her suitcase.

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