Watch Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley Reminisce About Bayside High in New Saved By the Bell Teaser

"Remember all the dances we had in this gym?" Elizabeth Berkley's Jessie Spano tells Mario Lopez's A.C. Slater as they return to Bayside High School

A.C. Slater is back at Bayside High!

In a new trailer for the upcoming Saved by the Bell reboot, which will air on Peacock, Mario Lopez's A.C. Slater, who is now Bayside's gym teacher, and Elizabeth Berkley's Jessie Spano reminisce about their younger days.

"Remember all the dances we had in this gym?" Jessie asks A.C. as they watch Bayside's current students jam out at a school dance.

"Ever wish you could go back?" Jessie says, to which A.C. answers, "Sure do."

The footage then transitions to show the series' new star Daisy (Haskiri Velazquez) happily exclaiming, "Bayside's gonna change our lives" as she walks onto campus.

She then meets Mac Morris (Mitchell Hoog) — the son of Saved By the Bell student Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). Gosselaar will also be reprising his role as his original character, who works as California's new governor.

"Hey buddy!" Mac tells Daisy, who replies: "You're in honors English?"

"Duh! It's an honor to teach me," Mac hilariously responds.

Saved by the Bell
Mario Lopez. Peacock

Later in the trailer, Daisy confesses to Mac that she has "way too much" on her plate, which prompts him to offer her a bottle of pills, explaining: "There's a way to increase productivity."

Jessie then comes running down the hallway to slap the pills out of Mac's hands, asking, "Are those caffeine pills?"

"At first they're so exciting," Jessie explains. "Then it gets even more exciting but after that it gets so scary and in the end you ruin your girl group's shot at a recording contract."

In addition to A.C. breaking out into dance, fans can also expect to see students back at the famous cafe, The Max, as shown in the trailer.

In May, Lopez opened up about the reboot, telling PEOPLE "it's a little edgier" but "not naughty."

"It's going great," Lopez, 46, shared with PEOPLE when asked about the project. "We have like two or three more episodes to go to finish it up and I think people are gonna like it."

Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley.

"It's a little edgier and updated, but not naughty by all means," he teased. "It's a lot of fun and I'm having fun with it."

Tiffani Thiessen’s Kelly Kapowski is also set to return alongside new addition Belmont Cameli, who will play Jamie Spano — Jessie's sensitive man-child son.

There will be some notable absences from the cast however, including Dustin Diamond’s Screech and Lark Voorhies’ Lisa Turtle. Both previously spoke out about not being included in the reboot.

A premiere date for the Saved by the Bell reboot has not yet been announced.

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