Mother Nature had a wild time at Mario Lopez's house on Thursday night.
Source: Mario Lopez/Instagram
Credit: Source: Mario Lopez/Instagram

Mario Lopez‘s backyard was partially destroyed after severe rainstorms raged through southern California earlier this week.

In a series of photos and videos posted to Instagram on Thursday night and Friday morning, the Extra host, 43, showed his social media followers that part of his backyard — which sits on a hill — had collapsed due to the heavy rains in Los Angeles.

“So because of the rain, half my yard is in the street,” Lopez said, adding that no one was hurt by the destruction. “Check that out. … There’s the police officers, I got choppers in the sky. My playhouse didn’t come down. This is unbelievable. No bocce for a while.”

And while Lopez was worried about his fun hobby, his wife, actress Courtney Mazza Lopez was quick to remind him, “No showers for a while!”

She continued, joking with police officers and asking, “Can we come to your house and shower?”

Lopez shared another video, along with a photo of his home, on Friday morning to show the progress.

“So this is how it looks after Public City Works worked all night to try to get the debris out of the street,” he said, showing two men removing branches and dirt from the street. “It was literally covering this whole block and my guys right here are moving the debris here completely out of the way.”

He then asked the men how it was coming along before adding, “We’ve got a lot of trees, a lot of concrete and dirt and what else? The drain. So we gotta get it all out of here.”

The father-of-two was grateful that despite the severe damage, no one was hurt.

“Thank God my kids weren’t playing in the yard and that no one got hurt,” he said. “Neighbors or no one. But it is – wow. No more bocce for a while. That sucks.”

But Lopez continued to try to laugh about the unfortunate situation, sharing another photo of his house making the news.

“Just got my own storm coverage. They don’t mess around… @KNBC,” he captioned a screenshot from his TV that included the headline “Mario Lopez Storm Damage.”

On Friday evening, Courtney shared a photo of her actor-turned-host husband donning a poop emoji hat.

“Yep…this pretty much sums up last night and today,” she wrote.

Lopez also provided a tongue-in-cheek post about the storm, and shared an image with the message, “The older you get, the more you appreciate being at home and doing nothing.”

His caption? “Yup. Even when Mother Nature throws a monkey wrench at your crib…”