Marie Osmond Poised for Own Talk Show

Photo: Photo: Janet Gough/Celebrity Photo

Marie Osmond, recent darling of Dancing with the Stars, is set to return to TV for a daytime talk show to be called Marie. (Well, “Oprah” was already taken.)

Set to debut in fall 2009, “It will be a real feel-good show,” Osmond, 48, said at a Las Vegas TV trade show, Reuters reports. “I’ve been through a lot of things in life and have no problem talking about it. Women need a safe place where they can laugh, feel good and relate to” other women.

Osmond and her producers, Family Court distributors Program Partners, said the series’ emphasis will be more on real women than on celebrities. Also, Osmond intends to discuss her own personal setbacks — the loss of a house in a fire, postpartum depression, adopting children, as well as divorcing and being a single, working mother to eight kids — on the show.

In 1998, Osmond and her brother Donny co-hosted the daytime talk and entertainment show Donny and Marie, which ran for two seasons. — Stephen M. Silverman

Tell us: Will Marie Osmond make a good host? Will you watch her talk show?Photo: Janet Gough/Celebrity Photo

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