Mariah Carey Sings Her Hits in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden (Video)

The singer sang along to some of her most famous songs in a segment on The Late Late Show on Wednesday

Photo: Art Streiber/CBS

Well, that’s one way to deal with Los Angeles traffic.

New Late Late Show host James Corden had some company on his drive to work on Wednesday. And who better to join him in some carpool karaoke than Mariah Carey?

Corden put the radio on and as the opening bars of “Always Be My Baby” began to play, Carey announced, “I’m not singing today. I was up all night.”

But she chimed right in as Corden – who seriously challenges Jimmy Fallon when it comes to enthusiastic displays of excitement – got his groove on.

And he knew all the words. To every song. From “Fantasy” to “Vision of Love” to “Thirsty.”

At one point Corden, 36, who was trying to do an American accent while Carey, 44, played a Brit, asked the singer how many number ones she’s had. The answer is 18, which prompted the newly single star to talk about her age and start to primp in the mirror on the visor.

“You’re so hot. Stop it,” he said as she took off her sunglasses, giving him a sideways glance and a smile. “I’m a married man. You’ve gotta stop what you’re doing, cause I know exactly what you’re doing. Oh my goodness. I can read you like a book.”

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