July 30, 2015 02:15 PM

When the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise opens with a wedding, we know we’re in for one romantic season.

In an exclusive sneak peek from the season 2 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul surprise the entire cast of the new season when they tie the knot in Mexico on the first day of taping.

Grodd and Faddoul, both 27, met on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. The couple’s whirlwind romance played out on the show, as they dated, fell in love and got engaged when Grodd proposed on the season finale.

In the clip, host Chris Harrison has the contestants follow him to the beach after making the announcement that there is “something special” he wants them all to see.

At first, everyone panics as they all assume it’s a surprise rose ceremony and elimination.

“Chris Harrison tells us to expect a surprise,” says contestant Ashley Iaconetti. “I’m like, oh s–––, surprises around here usually bad.”

A chorus of worried questions (“Where are going?” “What’s happening?” “Is this our first rose ceremony?”) plays out as the reality stars make their way down to the beach.

“Instantly my mind’s – and I think everyone’s – we start thinking, ‘Oh my gosh. Immediate rose ceremony,’ ” says JJ Lane of Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s recent Bachelorette season. “Like, crap.'”

The contestants put two and two together once they arrive to the romantic set-up on the water, with roses scattered around seating and a very clear aisle, and everyone cheers once they see Grodd approaching in a white tuxedo.

Marcus Grodd walking down the aisle

“You’ve heard so many good stories about them, and everybody thinks they’re the best together,” Iaconetti says. “I can’t wait to see this ceremony happen.”

Tune into the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC to watch the wedding unfold, and for now, check out the couple’s custom wedding rings.

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