"Six months before, I was on my couch chilling in my panties, and then I was suddenly down the halls surrounded by hundreds of extras fighting," Lorenzo Richelmy tells PEOPLE about landing his dream role on Marco Polo

By Nicole Sands
August 12, 2016 03:40 PM
Brad Barket/Getty

This Marco has found his Polo – or his calling in life as an actor, that is.

Lorenzo Richelmy, who stars on the Netflix original series Marco Polo, says he was “on my couch chilling in my panties” just six months before the online streaming service offered him his first American project.

“Netflix had the bravery to pick me knowing I spoke little to no English, and then to be the lead actor of one of the biggest shows ever . . . it’s a dream,” the Italian actor, 26, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I was suddenly down the halls surrounded by hundreds of extras fighting,” he continues of the “crazy” experience. “It was part of a dream I had never dreamt before because I never expected to be part of something in this way.”

And while fans impatiently wait for the third season to hit, Richelmy is also having his own Marco Polo marathon parties (equipped with snacks and all) right from the couch where he used to hang so much before landing the role.

“I wait until the end [of the season] when it’s all on Netflix,” he says. “Normally, I watch three episodes in a row, so I divide the show in three parts, making Marco Polo a movie more than a show because there are no commercials on Netflix.”

But Marco Polo isn’t the only show he’s all about right now.

“I’ve been watching Peaky Blinders, and Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows ever,” he says. “I wait for all the shows to be into at least season three before I start to watch them, so I can binge watch away.”