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Alex Heigl
March 11, 2014 02:00 PM

We all miss Edna Krabappel, but not as much as her husband.

The Simpsons already paid tribute to the actress who voiced the character, the late Marcia Wallace, back in November, but it was done with one of the show’s iconic chalkboard gags. This post-episode clip is a little more involved, and a lot more touching.

The clip above features Krabappel’s late husband, Ned Flanders, sitting alone (with a black band on his sleeve) and revisiting an old memory of dancing with Edna. “Sure do miss that laugh,” he says.

But it wouldn’t be The Simpsons without a light dose of irreverence, so schoolyard bully Nelson Muntz shows up to mock Ned with his own iconic “haw-haw!” – before sadly adding, “I miss her, too.”

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