Lauren Manzo also defended her frequent use of the Snapchat flower crown filter

Credit: Fernando Leon/Getty

The Manzo’d with Children cast confessed some humorous family secrets, including who they think is the most embarrassing to be with in public!

During their stop to the PEOPLE offices, Caroline Manzo and her three children – Christopher, Albert and Lauren – played “Confess Sess” and revealed some of their annoyances and embarrassments.

Asked what drives her crazy about each of her three children, Caroline first said of her daughter, “She’s constantly on Snapchat.”

But Lauren defended herself and her constant use of the photo and video sharing app: “When we meet a fan, they’re like, ‘Lauren, love your Snapchat.’ ”

“What’s with the crown?” Caroline asked Lauren about her frequent use of the flower crown filter.

“It makes me look pretty,” Lauren replied.

Question number two – “One thing that no one would know about somebody” – next fell on Lauren, who disclosed one of her own personal secrets.

“I have been sleeping with a pregnancy pillow for the last two years and every single person that comes in to my house thinks I’m pregnant,” Lauren admitted.

Finally, question number three asked the family to reveal who they think is the most embarrassing to be with in public – an answer that Christopher and Albert agreed upon instantly.

“Dad,” Albert responded of his father, Albert Manzo Sr. Christopher also echoed, “Dad.”

Though Caroline voted her son-in-law Vito as the most embarrassing family member to be with in public, Lauren nominated herself as the honoree title holder!

“I was going to say me,” Lauren laughingly said.

But Albert quickly defended his nomination of the family patriarch: “Dad wears a fanny pack!”

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