Mandy Patinkin and his wife, actress Kathryn Grody, joined TikTok earlier this month

Tony Award-winning actor Mandy Patinkin is hopping on the TikTok trends to encourage young fans to vote in the upcoming election.

The Homeland star and his wife, actress Kathryn Grody, have been posting up a storm since joining TikTok earlier this month — but their latest may be the best yet. Posted Thursday, the clip shows Patinkin, 67, and Grody, 73, preparing to take part in the "twerk for me" challenge.

Just before they began dancing, however, Patinkin stopped the music to send a message to his followers.

"I want to thank all the young people who welcomed Kathryn and me to TikTok," he said. "Listen, if you're too young to vote, you can still help by getting your parents, your grandparents, your uncles, your aunts, your friends, anyone who's old enough to vote, to vote."

"If it's your first time voting, make sure you're registered correctly, otherwise your vote won't count," he said. "Gotta get Biden and Harris in the White House. Blue up and down the ballot, good luck to ya. It makes all the difference."

He then resumed the music and completed the dance challenge with his own delightful take on twerking.

"TikToker might be the most difficult job I've had yet!" he captioned the video on Instagram. Highlighting the number of days before the Nov. 3 election, he urged, "12 days to do everything you can."

He also added a collection of hashtags showing his support for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris.

The twerking video is the latest in a series of clips from Patinkin and Grody, all intended to encourage young people to vote. Last week, they posted two videos titled "Dancing for Biden" in which the couple provided their own spin to the "Blinding Lights" dance.

Also last week, Patinkin penned an essay for CNN in which he detailed how he "became political" and why he's doing everything he can right now — including twerking — to get out the vote. He said that his wife, as well as actor Martin Sheen, helped him realize that "literally everything we do is political."

"I can understand why people might want to steer clear of politics right now, to suggest, 'I'm not political,' and leave it at that," he wrote. "But to succumb to despair or exhaustion is to give up on the American project at the precise moment that it matters most. Something that gives me great hope is knowing that some of our most common ground as Americans is a shared desire to move away from such divided politics."

He added, "That's why I'm doing everything I can to get out the vote, and why, with a fundamental optimism, I'm supporting Joe Biden."