Mandy Moore's Brother Says She Was 'Incredibly Supportive' of Him Coming Out as Gay

"She was really one of the first people I told," Mandy's brother Scott told Access Hollywood

Much like how Mandy Moore‘s TV family on This Is Us share strong bonds, the actress also has deep ties with her loved ones in real life.

Mandy’s brother, Scott Moore, discussed how supportive his famous sister was when he came out as gay a few years after their mother left their father for a woman.

“My sister being in the entertainment business, I kind of knew more people that were out and gay and that’s when I realized, ‘Oh, that is me,’ and that’s when I sort of started my journey,” Scott told Access Hollywood.

“I was just very honest about it. I didn’t want to hide it so I told my sister right away. She was really one of the first people I told,” he said.

Access Hollywood. Inset: Charley Gallay/Getty

Adding, “[Mandy] was incredibly supportive. She knew a lot of people in the business and she knew a lot of people who were out so for her it was not a big deal at all. Being an actor and being around a lot of kids with different backgrounds it was no big deal for her.”

The actress recently told PEOPLE that one of the things she loves most about the popular NBC drama is that it “celebrates the idea of a nontraditional family.”

“I see my own family reflected in some ways,” Moore said about her “extraordinarily close” family.

“Nobody is hiding who they are. There are no secrets in our lives. I love and support them with my whole heart. And nothing makes me happier than seeing anybody live their authentic self, and to choose love. If anyone can find love, I support it, I salute you and I celebrate that.”

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