Take a few moments to look back at some of Mandy Moore's glorious pics from her early career

By Lydia Price
April 10, 2019 12:50 PM

In honor of Mandy Moore's 37th birthday today, take a few moments to look back at some of the singer-actress's gloriously '90s and early-aughts throwbacks, from having us all craving "Candy" to taking A Walk to Remember. You won't regret it.

Matching mom and me polka dots! Is baby Gus in for this in the next few years?

Check out those bangs! And those missing front teeth!

Glamour Shots 4eva.

The cutest headshot there ever was.

What we would give to hear the conversations these three had.

We're already jealous she works with Milo Ventimiglia, but she toured with JT, too?

Jamie and Landon forever!

We all went there, Mandy.

Kids today will never appreciate not having to haul around a tote full of nothing but CDs for your Discman.

You can't feel old on your birthday!

The moment she realized she could be a star.

She's always had that glow.

Rest in peace, frosted tips.

And scrunchie.

A life-size cutout of yourself — you know, just a typical cleaning-out-the-house thing we've all stumbled upon.

Micro bangs are back in, haven't you heard?

Pure yearbook gold.

Teen People was our jam too.

They're everywhere to us.

Goddess, meet goddess.

21st birthdays are always a crazy time.

But we're low-key kind of digging the haircut? In a "great for driving the kids to dance class" kind of way, but still.

You glow, girl.

We're not crying, you're crying.

What, you don't still use rollers, too?

We spy Rebecca Pearson.

It's true, she still Instas about them.

Crimped bangs are making a comeback any day now.

Making plaid skirts and sweatshirts around the waist cool since 2004.

We have so many questions, too …


But tell us more about that costume.

She's a mood.

We can only assume this van is now being cared for in a museum, where it belongs.

Maybe we actually have so many questions about this one.

She and Milo were destined from the beginning.

Proof that she's always been adorable.

Here's to even more years of adventurous bangs, A-plus poses and lots and lots of cats for Moore.