"Honestly, it was a year and half of like holding this secret that I think I felt a responsibility to step up and be present in that moment," Mandy Moore says of the emotional season 2 This Is Us scene that revealed more about Jack's death
This Is Us - Season 2
Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us viewers, heed this warning: If you haven’t already run out of tissues, it may be time to buy more.

Opening up to PEOPLE about her partnership with Merck’s Her Life. Her Adventures campaign, Mandy Moore says even more emotional moments are coming for the Pearson family in the remainder of season 2 of the hit drama.

“I’m scared about the rest of the season because I know we have some real heavy moments coming up this season that need to be addressed in regard to [Jack’s] passing, so I’m trying to prepare myself for that,” Moore says, opening up about tapping into the emotion required to play — at once — a young mom, a grandmother and a grieving widow.

Moore also reflects on the intensity of filming the major premiere episode reveal that finally gave viewers a little more insight on what happened to her character Rebecca’s husband, Pearson patriarch Jack (played by Milo Ventimiglia).

(Spoilers ahead!)

“Honestly, it was a year and half of like holding this secret that I think I felt a responsibility to step up and be present in that moment,” Moore says. “And we shot like an hour and a half outside of town, at night, under the cover of darkness. Like, it was all super secretive.”

At the end of the sophomore season premiere, Moore’s character pulled up to a house with a bag of Jack’s possessions. Moore let out a screaming cry as she saw firefighters surrounding the scene.

“They built this facade — the outside of the house — and they burned it,” shares the actress, 33. “They had everything all set up and ready to roll, and I kind of like, got in the car, and the camera started rolling.”

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She continued, “So my reaction of seeing the house for the first time was my genuine reaction to seeing it for the first time. I really didn’t take a peek before the camera was rolling. So it wasn’t super difficult to get into that frame of mind and tap into that raw emotion.”

Moore also tells PEOPLE about what drew her to partnering with Merck for Her Life. Her Adventures, which encourages women to plan ahead and get educated about family planning, including birth control options.

Credit: Courtesy Merck

“I’m a big proponent and believer of women needing to come together to champion and support one another,” Moore say. “We’re trying to inspire women to know what their options are and to think about what’s most important to them in life and prepare for all the adventures that lie ahead.”

Noting that the campaign champions the variety of paths women take in life, Moore says, “My own experience with birth control is obviously a personal one, but I’m very focused on my career right now, so that means that family planning and birth control specifically is a factor in my life right now.”

“I just got engaged [to Taylor Goldsmith],” she says. “I definitely want to become a mother and have a family, and that I hope is the next chapter for me. So certainly this is all very relevant and resonates with me in my own life, always, but even more so now.”

To learn more about the campaign, visit HerLifeHerAdventures.com. This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.