May 25, 2017 07:21 PM

Like the majority of This Is Us‘ dedicated fan base, Mandy Moore has some burning questions about the upcoming season 2 that have yet to be answered.

Speaking with PEOPLE at the 38th College Television Awards at the Wolf Theater in North Hollywood on Wednesday, Moore revealed that she’s intrigued by the evolution of Rebecca (Moore) and Miguel’s (Jon Huertas) relationship and is looking forward to unraveling their story.

“Because I know a lot of what happens, I’m excited to see, which I don’t think will happen in season 2, I want to see the evolution of Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship, like how that happened. I’ve heard that that potentially will be later in season 2, maybe beginning of season 3,” said Moore, 33. “And I want to know what happened with Rebecca and Kate’s relationship, why it’s fractured, and why there’s that disconnect.”

Audiences learned in the first season of the NBC family drama that Rebecca’s husband, Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia), dies at some point, and she later marries his best friend, Miguel. Viewers are also given snippets of information about Rebecca and her daughter Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) broken relationship, which Moore believes will “get addressed more” in season 2.

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Despite being a star of the show, even Moore is in the dark about what’s to come for the cast’s storyline when she returns to work in July.

“The writers, as far as I understand, don’t even convene until next month. But Milo, of course, because he knows everything, had dinner with Dan Fogelman a couple months ago, and apparently, I’ve heard that some answers people didn’t get in the end of season 1 will be addressed to a certain extent in the beginning of season 2,” she explained.

Although Moore is not yet a parent herself, she credits the series, in which she plays a mother of three, for teaching her a thing or two about motherhood.

“I’m thinking about that next chapter of my life. So it’s not like I’m playing something that feels false, in that sense. If anything, it’s like, it’s sort of ignited this excitement of like, wow, I feel slightly better prepared for that next chapter, whenever that happens,” she said. “It’s a total trial run because you get to have the babies, and then when they act up and they get fussy, mom is right there to sort of like pass them over.”

Having lived a majority of her life in front the public eye, she understands what it feels like to transition from childhood to adulthood in show business — but even she still feels like a kid at times.

“You still feel like the kid, and I started to realize that probably never changes. I just finished working on a film with all young people, like 16, 18, and I realized, I was like, oh wait, I’m the adult in the movie,” she explained. “It’s crazy to sort of come to that realization. I did really kind of relish being the young person, but I also have no problem transitioning to this point in my life either. I’m not someone that’s going to like cling on for dear life to yesteryear. I’m happy to sort of evolve and grow up. I don’t need to go back to my teenage years by any means.”

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Moore, who recently purchased a new home, which is undergoing renovations, specifically remembered a moment when she fully understood what it meant to be an adult with responsibilities.

“I think the first time there was a massive like flood in my house. I realized, I was like, oh, this is the part of being an adult that’s no fun. It was like the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t know what kind of like sewage in my basement — it was awful,” she explained, and added, “Those are the sorts of experiences that you’re like, I wish I had mom and dad around to still help with that.”

Season 2 of This Is Us returns this fall on NBC.

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