Joe picks up a mandolin to play the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme, though

By Alex Heigl
Updated August 18, 2015 05:00 PM

From the good folks at, here’s your trip down memory lane, plus an astounding display of one guitar wizard’s talents.

The single-monikered “Joe” utilizes a few different effects pedals to get some of the otherworldly effects he uses to soar through this mini-history of television composing, but otherwise it’s just a showcase for some really impressive guitar chops. He switches back and forth between his fingers and a pick, playing different arrangements of classic themes – though he cheats a bit for the Seinfeld theme and just sings the bass riff, and he picks up a mandolin for the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme – and even dons a hat to perform his own version of the Mary Tyler Moore Show‘s iconic hat toss.

But don’t let the gimmicks fool you: Joe is a seriously talented guitarist, and any aspiring six-stringers out there are welcome to check out the video’s Reverb blog link, where you can watch his high-flying fretwork scroll by in tablature in real time.