Pregnant Malika Haqq's Dating History, From BFF Khloé Kardashian's Brother Rob to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

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Malika Haqq

Malika Haqq
Malika Haqq. Roxy Rodriguez

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star announced on Sept. 27 that she's expecting her first child, and family, fans and friends couldn't be happier for her — particularly longtime BFF Khloé Kardashian, who exclaimed on her Instagram Story, "My bestie is having a baby! That means, we are having a baby @Malika." While Auntie Koko will surely play a large role in Haqq's little one's life, fans are wondering who the father is, as Haqq, 36, hasn't yet disclosed his identity and recently declared herself "single" in June after amicably splitting from longtime boyfriend O.T. Genasis.

Before her relationship with Genasis, the Famously Single alum dated a handful of other high-profile celebrities that we've rounded up here, from a brief stint with Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro to "hooking up" with Khloé's brother Rob.

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Nick Carter

Malika Haqq and Nick Carter
Malika Haqq and Nick Carter. Gregg DeGuire/Getty; Michael Loccisano/WireImage

(Backstreet's) Back in the day, the Sky High star dated the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter. While there aren't many details about their 2002 relationship, Kardashian revealed the old flame in a March 2015 episode of KUWTK, and responded "yep, yep" to the show's official teaser on Twitter that wrote, "Umm @ForeverMalika and @NickCarter?! #KUWTK." Nick never wants to hear us say, I want ... more details!

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Rob Kardashian

Malika Haqq and Rob Kardashian
Malika Haqq and Rob Kardashian. Allen Berezovsky/Getty; Broadimage/Shutterstock

Khloé's always wanted her BFF to be happy and have a great guy in her life … just maybe not, um, her little brother. After some over-the-top flirting through the early seasons of KUWTK, Malika and Rob finally revealed they were "hooking up" during season 1 of Khloé & Lamar. "Obviously I want my best friend and my brother to have like, a good relationship, but this is like, way more than I ever asked for," Khloé said during the episode after playfully teasing Malika about the new fling.

"We love each other's company. We can hang out, we can go to dinner, like, why is that so wrong if I just don't go home afterward?" Malika asked. She then told the cameras, "Robert and I have recently started just hooking up. It's like the perfect non-committed relationship, but where does this go from here? I don't think either of us really knows."

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Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson and Malika Haqq
Adrian Wilson and Malika Haqq. Isaac Brekken/WireImage

Haqq's drama-filled 2011 romance with the former Arizona Cardinals player caused some tension between her and Kardashian, who didn't agree with her BFF's choice to be with a married man. While Wilson and his wife Alicia were separated at the time, the pair weren't officially divorced, and they ended up renewing their vows in 2012 shortly after he and Haqq ended things.

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Chinx and Malika
Chinx and Malika Haqq. Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage

Wilson isn't the only man with whom Haqq's been involved who has had a complicated marital situation. A few years later, she moved in with rapper Chinx, a member of French Montana's group, The Coke Boys, around the same time that Kardashian was dating Montana in 2014. The musician, who was married to wife Janelli Pickens at the time he and Haqq met, was killed in a drive-by shooting in New York City in May 2015. Haqq learned of his death while filming Dash Dolls.

She opened up about her "complex situation" with the rapper, with whom she had recently split, on the episode, telling Kardashian and her twin sister Khadijah, "I was in this situation and I was, like, a homewrecker. He wasn't with that woman when I met him, but it still matters to people that you're in the middle of someone's relationship."

She added, "Some people say don't talk or deal or touch someone that is still married until they are done. It's not always that cut and dry."

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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Malika Haqq and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Haqq and Ortiz-Magro's brief fling is the reality TV über-relationship we didn't know we needed. The two met in 2016 on E!'s Famously Single, where they lived in a house with other celebs in Los Angeles. They were supposed to go out and meet new partners after some coaching from experts but wound up getting to know each other.

While their relationship only lasted two months, the pair remained on good terms afterward. "I think Ronnie and I were odds from the very beginning," Haqq told E! "I think that we define opposites attract … He and I are the type of people that gravitate toward having security blankets in situations and love happens to be one of those things for both of us. It got us through. It worked in the meantime. It just wasn't able to survive the test of ultimate time, like real life outside of the loft."

In a separate interview with the outlet, Ortiz-Magro added that the "biggest difference" between the pair is "that we came from two different worlds. She's from her world. I'm from Jersey Shore world."

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O.T. Genasis

Chicago Bulls v Los Angeles Lakers
Malika Haqq and O.T. Genasis. Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

The DASH Dolls alum and "Bae" rapper were first linked in 2017 and often shared PDA-filled photos or sweet tributes to each other on social media. The pair hit a rough patch in May 2018, with Haqq opening up about her heartbreak on Instagram, "Love doesn't fail, people do".

But the split didn't last long — less than 10 days later, the couple had picked things back up, sharing the news with an intimate mirror selfie that Haqq captioned, "I'm cute. He's special. We better together."

Genasis later wrote an "open love letter" to his lady on Instagram, where he vowed to be a "better man" and that he "would do anything in this world" for her. He added, "You're not only my partner but my best friend.. God told me to love you forever and that's what I plan on doing. This letter is to thank you for everything you do and to tell you I LOVE YOU. @forevermalika ❤️."

In June 2019 — six months after the last photo posted of Genasis on Haqq's Instagram — she announced in a post that she was "Single." A source confirmed their split to PEOPLE, explaining that the breakup was amicable and that "there's no bad blood between them."

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