Credit: Michael Rosenthal

Dancing with the Stars‘ favorite bare-chested bros, Maksim and Valentin Chmerkovskiy, are officially headed out on tour together – and they have a very brotherly reason for being excited to hit the road together.

“We are going to tell the story of how we got where we are,” Maks says in the current issue of PEOPLE of their upcoming autobiographical show. “I’m excited to set the record straight: Who is taller? Who has better hair? Who has better hair? Who is better looking? All those things are very important.”

The brothers will kick off the run of Maks & Val Live on Tour: Our Way on June 15.

“We’re going to have at least 48 cities of live people who will walk away saying, ‘I now know Maks is of significantly bigger stature than Val,’ ” says Maks, 36.

“And ‘He’s even more than I even expected!’ ” adds Val, 29.

But (almost) all kidding aside, the brothers are looking forward to spending time together on stage.

“Finally we get to tour together. It’s nice being onstage with family,” says Maks. “If I say something stupid, I know Val will say something really smart and it will make sense.”

Adds Val: “I would say vice versa, but…”

Tickets for Maks & Val Live on Tour: Our Way are available now for American Express card members and general tickets on sale Friday Feb 19. at