Dying for Your Next True-Crime Obsession? Check Out Netflix's New Docu-Series 'Making a Murderer'

Netflix's new series follows Steven Avery

Photo: Netflix

True crime is hot right now: Between Robert Durst‘s alleged “confession” on HBO’s The Jinx and the mystery of who killed Hae Min Lee on the Serial podcast, would-be sleuths cannot get enough of the real-life drama.

Enter Netflix’s Making a Murderer, which is now available for streaming and became a must-see binge-watch over the holidays. Ten years in the making, it’s a tremendous story that will more than satisfy the appetites of The Jinx and Serial fans and is, dare we say it, better than either of them.

The premise is this: In September 2003, Steven Avery was released from a Wisconsin prison, exonerated by DNA evidence 18 years after he was convicted of a sexual assault he said he didn’t commit.

Avery had lost everything while in prison for nearly two decades. His wife left him, friends turned against him and his family was torn apart. But he was ready to rebuild his life in Manitowoc County – until two years later, when he was arrested again. This time for the murder of a young photographer.

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Did he do it? Is he being framed? Making a Murderer tackles these questions and more over the course of 10 slow-burning episodes that will leave you by turns shocked, confused and ultimately very, very angry.

To say anything more would be criminal, but you can bet that everyone at your office will be talking about Making a Murderer in the weeks to come.

All 10 episodes of Making a Murderer are available now on Netflix, and you can watch the first on for free on YouTube now.

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