In The Golden Girls, the characters are believed to be between the ages of 47-55, while the women in And Just Like That... are 54 and 55
and just like that, the golden girls
The cast "And Just Like That..." and "The Golden Girls"
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And Just Like That... the Internet has been left mind-blown!

Recently, it came to light that the leading ladies of the Sex and the City revival are almost exactly the same age as the main characters in The Golden Girls during the show's first season.

The discussion began on social media last month following the death of Golden Girls star, Betty White.

Several users pointed out that AJLT's Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Golden Girls' Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur), Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and Rose (White) were similar ages, despite the stark differences in their appearances.

"Watching a Season 1 episode of The Golden Girls, and Rose's age was just revealed to be 55. This unsettles me," wrote one Twitter user. "This is Charlotte's age on And Just Like That... We have reached the convergence."

"The main characters in the first season of Golden Girls are younger than in the current Sex and The City (53/54 in GG and 54/55 in And Just Like That!) Amazing how different our view of women at that age is now," tweeted someone else.

"Lol, the SATC characters are the same age as the Golden Girls characters. What a change in society," noted one user.

"The other day, I learned that the gals from SATC/AJLT are slightly older than The Golden Girls were and I will now never be the same," added another user.

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And Just Like That... HBO Max
A scene featuring the cast of "And Just Like That..."
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Today cohosts, Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, eventually joined the conversation, addressing the beloved characters' ages during Monday's show.

"People have been pointing out this fact: Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are approximately the same age as The Golden Girls," Kotb, 57, said. "Season one, Rose is 55, Dorothy is 53, Blanche [is] —"

"Forty-seven?!" Bush Hager interjected. (Blanche's exact age at the start of the series remains unclear as it was never explicitly stated. Some believe she was 53, while others, like Bush Hager, have claimed she was 47.)

Kotb then finished, "And Sophia is 79," referencing Estelle Getty's character on the acclaimed series.

(Based on evidence presented by the ladies themselves during the first year of the show, Dorothy and Rose are actually both 55, Blanche is in her early 50s, and Sophia is 80.)

Bush Hager, 40, went on to note how Miranda and Charlotte in AJLT are 54-years-old, while Carrie is 55 — something Kotb said was "so crazy."

"Now when you think of 54 and 55, or people in their 50s, you don't think about The Golden Girls. You don't think about a bunch of ladies in a community," Kotb explained.

"The way that they dressed them in cardigans — I mean, I know I'm wearing a cardigan, but I like to dress like a granny," Bush Hager added. "They made them older than they actually were."

The cast of The Golden Girls
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Kotb also pointed out that "the way age is perceived now" is much different from how it was years ago.

Twitter users have backed her argument, suggesting that a societal shift in perspective and the improved techniques of styling are behind the change.

"Obviously our perception of what it means to be in one's 50s, 60s, etc. has changed quite a bit over the last 35 years, but here, a lot of it does come down to styling and hair dye (which is a plot point on AJLT)," wrote one Twitter user.

"Golden girls also came from a generation where once women hit 40, they were 'old', meanwhile we're slowly allowing women to age how they would like," added another fan, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Golden Girls ran for seven seasons from 1985 to 1992. Getty was the first of the four stars to die in 2008 at age 84. Arthur died from cancer in 2009 at age 86 and McClanahan followed in 2010 at age 76 from a stroke. Most recently, White died on Dec. 31, just a little over two weeks before her 100th birthday, after suffering a stroke.

As for And Just Like That..., the SATC revival premiered on Dec. 9 on HBO Max. The show is currently in its first season with new episodes dropping on Thursdays.