'Good Girls' ' Mae Whitman Says She's 'Proud' and 'Happy' to Be Pansexual

"I know I can fall in love with people of all genders," Mae Whitman said

mae whitman
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Mae Whitman is opening about her sexuality.

On Monday, the Good Girls and Parenthood alum, 33, revealed that she identifies as pansexual, while speaking out about her Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House, and how it showcases LGBTQIA representation.

"Just taking a moment to say I am SO proud to be even a small part of a show like The Owl House," she tweeted Monday. "Being pansexual myself, I wish I had such incredible characters like Amity and Luz in my life when I was growing up. Queer representation is so so so important :,) keep it up world! #TOH."

In a follow-up tweet, Whitman explained how she defines being pansexual.

"I know ppl might be unfamiliar with what pansexual means; for me it means I know I can fall in love with people of all genders," she continued. "This is the word that fits me best 🌈 and I'm proud+happy to be part of the Bi+ community :,)"

She also provided a link to GLAAD's Accelerating Bi+ Acceptance page.

Whitman currently voices Amity Blight on The Owl House.

The show has received praise for its LGBTQ+ representation through Amity and Luz Noceda, both of whom series creator Dana Terrace previously identified as lesbian and bisexual, respectively.

As for Whitman's own sexuality, she has previously shared her interest in dating different types of people, saying that her type is "constantly changing."

"I just like people. I like everyone. I see so much wonderful potential in everyone that I meet, and there's always something to learn from," she told Glamour in 2014. "I think girls are attractive, I think boys are attractive, I think old people are attractive, I think young people are—I appreciate everything and everyone."

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She went on to explain that she "grew up in a family where it never even was presented as something different" to have an interest in women.

"I definitely have times where I'm attracted to girls or I'm attracted to who I'm attracted to and that should be the way that it is," Whitman added.

Asked about her best relationship advice, Whitman said: "Just be present and in the moment."

"I am really learning to be completely present and in the moment," she added. "I feel like I've dated a lot in my life since I was young — all different kinds of people — and I feel like I've learned so much from every single person that I've dated."

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