Mady Gosselin Shares Photo of Her Halloween Costume with College 'Roomies'

Mady, Jon and Kate Gosselin's daughter, is a sophomore

mady gosselin
Photo: Mady Gosselin/Instagram

Halloween may have looked different for many this year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn't prevent Mady Gosselin from safely celebrating.

For the Oct. 31 holiday, the 19-year-old daughter of exes Kate and Jon Gosselin dressed up with her college roommates for a fun evening spent at home.

In a photo posted Monday on Instagram, the sophomore posed alongside her "roomies" in their costumes in what looks to be a dorm room.

"Did you and your roomies dress up just to stay home or are you (not) normal?" she captioned the snap.

Mady, who wore a long, strapless black dress, was flanked by her two friends, who appeared to have dressed up as a cat and a Queen of Hearts.

Last week, the former TLC star gave her followers a glimpse inside her dorm room. "Rare aesthetic: messy sophomore dorm room in a city that rarely sees the sun," she captioned two mirror photos of herself inside the bedroom.

One year prior, Mady shared a throwback photo on Instagram from the day she moved into college. In the image, she cuddled with a dog as she sat in the back of a van beside boxes and hangers of clothes.

"A little college move-in throwback :)" she wrote.

Speaking to PEOPLE in July 2019, Kate — who also shares Mady's twin Cara and 16-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Collin, Leah, Joel, Alexis, and Aaden with ex-husband Jon — opened up about sending her eldest children off to college.

"It is the biggest mixed bag of emotions and stress I have ever faced," Kate, 45, said of twins Mady and Cara, who were 6 when Jon & Kate Plus 8 began in 2007.

"Mady and Cara really steered the ship in terms of applying to colleges; they knew what they wanted, and I trusted them," she continued. "That same feeling is going to have to carry me through my fears now when I think about them going off on their own, fending for themselves, being alone for the first time."

mady gosselin
Mady Gosselin. Mady Gosselin/Instagram

One thing that also contributed to her mixed emotions was the fact that her girls would be going to different schools for the first time.

"They agreed all along that they don't want to go to the same school," Kate said. "Their ambitions are so different that they really felt, there's not one college that would fully answer what each of them wanted."

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