An exclusive sneak peek at the final season of the beloved AMC show

By Mary Margaret
Updated March 06, 2014 09:00 AM
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

When we last left Don Draper, he had just wrecked his personal life (again) and now his career.

In the Mad Men season six finale, Don – after a spectacular breakdown in front of clients – was asked to take a months-long leave of absence from Sterling Cooper & Partners. And at home, his marriage to aspiring actress Megan was in shambles.

When the credits rolled, the big question on fans’ minds was: “So, what next?”

In this exclusive sneak peek at the AMC show’s final season (which will premiere April 13 at 10 p.m.), we get a few clues in typical, mysterious Mad Men style:

1. Don is on a journey
Did he go to California after all and have another trippy jaunt in the desert? Did he delve even deeper into his past and visit the rural homestead he escaped? Did he flee the country and hop across the pond, given TWA’s transatlantic dominance during the 1960s? Surely, the devoted will zoom in on the background to figure out which airport he is at JFK, perhaps?

2. He’s back on track
Well, at least physically. Between all the changes at work and his romantic turmoil, there were some episodes he was starting to look a little, well, rough. So it’s nice to see him maintaining his trademark dapper silhouette as the show nears that fashion vortex known as the 1970s.

3. His look also means he’s most likely still up to his same old tricks
Given the show’s penchant for dropping hint Easter eggs throughout the show, let’s dissect his wardrobe. Namely, his tie, which looks like the same one he wore in “Man with a Plan,” the seventh episode of season six. Can’t remember what happened? Dark, dark things: Don gets all Fifty Shades of Grey on his mistress, gets dumped by said mistress after she dreams he dies in a plane crash, and Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated. The first half of the season is entitled “The Beginning,” but no more clues yet about whether the new start is good – or bad. We’re banking on the latter!