Sustained winds at 23 mph or blasts of wind at 34 mph would have prevented the parade from using its iconic balloons, NBC News reported

By Emily Zauzmer
November 22, 2018 10:11 AM
Credit: Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock

Not even the bitter cold can stop the magic of Macy’s.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has its balloons flying high despite concerns ahead of time that the record-breaking chill in the Northeast would force the annual event to pull the plug on its eye-catching inflatables.

Sustained winds at 23 mph or blasts of wind at 34 mph would have prevented the parade from using its iconic balloons, NBC News reported. Police can still call off the balloons if conditions change during the parade, according to NBC New York.

A Paw Patrol balloon
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In 1930, 1938 and 1972, the parade carried on in 21-degree weather, USA Today reported. On Thursday, hours before the parade began, New York City was a crisp 20 degrees.

N.Y.C. is not the only frigid city on Thanksgiving. In several areas — like Boston, where the projected high was 18 degrees — Nov. 22 marks the coldest turkey day in decades, according to ABC News.

Tony Stout, whose son is in a marching band in the parade, told the Associated Press that he arrived at 2:00 a.m. He called himself “freezing and numb but excited.”

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“Get ready for an amazing parade, but put on every layer you have in your household, wear every glove you can find, every scarf, hand warmers, whatever you got, you’re going to need it tomorrow,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told attendees before the parade, according to NBC New York.

John Legend
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“I want to tell everyone be ready to enjoy but recognize it’s going to be really, really cold,” de Blasio added.

“The parade takes place rain, shine or snow (and we’ve done it in all of these conditions),” spokesperson Orlando Veras told USA Today. The balloons were reportedly kept on the ground in 1971.

Rita Ora
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Bad Bunny, Diana Ross, John Legend, Kane Brown, Pentatonix, Sugarland, Martina McBride and Barenaked Ladies are all bundling up in their warmest attire to perform at the parade, according to the AP.

The parade is airing live now on NBC.