The Seattle rapper is extolling the virtues of an even cheaper source of clothing now


On Tuesday, Macklemore left Seattle for Sesame Street.

The rapper, best known for his hits “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love,” visited the beloved television show to rework “Thrift Shop” with none other than Oscar the Grouch.

Wearing a slightly modified version of his usual kitchen-sink outfit, the 31-year-old rapper joined Oscar and the other Grouches to extoll the virtues of keeping an eye out for bargains – even if they happen to come from unexpected places … like the trash.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much the same message of “Thrift Shop,” only instead of big-upping used clothing stores, he’s talking about actual trash. We’re unsure if this represents a progression or regression.

The song’s original hook needed some sanitation itself, though: It’s been changed to “This is gross and awesome.”

Can we look forward to more Sesame Street appearances by Macklemore now that we now he and fiancée Tricia Davis are expecting? Probably – matching father-son flannel zebra jammies aren’t cheap.

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