Maci Bookout was accused of exploiting Ryan Edwards' drug addiction on Teen Mom OG by his wife Mackenzie Standifer

By Alexia Fernández
July 03, 2017 10:37 PM

Maci Bookout is facing backlash after footage of Ryan Edwards’ shocking moment in the Teen Mom OG season finale left fans questioning his sobriety.

Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, was present at the Teen Mom OG reunion episode that aired Monday and read an open letter to Bookout in which she accused the Teen Mom cast member of subjecting Edwards and their entire family to “humiliation.”

“Maci, you told me to my face, merely days after I had informed you about Ryan seeking help, that you had known about his problem since November,” Standifer began. “That was 186 days; 400,464 hours; and 267,840 minutes that he could’ve died, and still, you said nothing.”

She continued, “You let everyone know that you feared for his life, while concurrently exploiting Ryan and his addiction on the show.”

Standifer claimed she’d only been made aware of Edwards’ struggles with substance abuse two days before he entered rehab.

“You preach about hating complacency and enabling,” Standifer told Bookout. “But, because you turned your head to the problem, that makes you the enabler, not everyone else that it’s blamed on.”

Bookout interrupted, saying Edwards exploited and enabled himself, not her. Standifer persisted, claiming Bookout’s decision to discuss Edwards’ substance abuse did not help Edwards.

“Instead of solving the problem, or making an effort to solve it, you decided to humiliate Ryan, humiliate myself and his entire family, but more importantly, you’ve humiliated our children for years to come,” Standifer said.

(Bookout and Edwards share 8-year-old Bentley, while Standifer has one son from a previous relationship.)

She added, “Helping Ryan doesn’t mean talking about all of his problems on national television. It means being supporting, not kicking someone when they’re down, and respecting the privacy that we all so graciously deserve.”

Credit: MTV

During season six’s finale, audiences watched Edwards drive impaired while Standifer sat in the passenger seat. Instead of seeing a happy couple beam with joy en route to their nuptials, audiences watched Standifer repeatedly tap Edwards awake, and, at one point, take a hold of the steering wheel to keep the car from veering off the road.

Bookout didn’t take kindly to Standifer’s accusations during the reunion, saying if she wanted privacy, then she shouldn’t “sign up to be on a f—ing TV show.”

Credit: MTV

“And, I didn’t exploit you, your husband did,” Bookout added.

Despite Standifer’s insistence that Bookout was at fault, Bookout remained unmoved, causing Standifer to briefly storm from the stage.

She returned after a few moments, and said she and Edwards had attended therapy sessions together after she gave him an ultimatum.

“I told him that I loved him, but I couldn’t sit by and watch him kill himself,” Standifer said. “And so, when he was ready to get help, to please let me know.”

Edwards entered into rehab in early June.