"I was absolutely certain that I remembered randomly killing this man," he recalled

neil cross
Neil Cross
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Inspiration can come from dark and disturbing places.

In a new interview, Luther creator Neil Cross opened up about his four-part miniseries The Sister, which is based on his 2009 book Burial and premieres on ITV later this month.

The novel, which centers around a murder, was inspired by a dream Cross had as a teenager in which he killed someone. Upon awakening, he had trouble discerning if the murder was fact or fiction.

"I want to say, even now, I hope I dreamt it! I was very young. I was 16 or 17, and I was out of my head on cider in Bristol," he said during a Q&A with Digital Spy, going on to explain that he walked home that night by taking a shortcut through the woods.

"And I just woke up the next morning, not with any sense I'd had a dream of any description. I woke up with a very, very clear memory of coming across a homeless man asleep on the steps who I randomly stabbed to death," he recalled. "There was no sense of it being a dream, I just remembered doing it, to the extent that I lived in degrees of fear for certainly the next week."

the sister
The Sister

Even though he couldn't find any proof that the murder had occurred, Cross couldn't shake the feeling that the dream was real.

"I was absolutely certain that I remembered randomly killing this man," he said. "And when the internet was invented, one of the first things I did ... was search the old newspapers, so that was the inspiration [for The Sister]."

In other news, Cross also recently revealed that he's entirely on board to make a film adaptation of Luther.

"We want to make more Luther. We're going to make more Luther," he told Radio Times earlier this month. "The how and the why, that's all to come, but we're going to make more Luther."

Idris Elba has also been giving fans hope that they haven't seen the last of the detective drama, which ended after five seasons in 2019.

"I've made it very clear that I'd like to see Luther come back as a film," he said over the summer. "And I can tell you this, that we are this close to making a film."