Luke Perry Thinks 'Reality TV Sucks for the Most Part'

The veteran actor talks to PEOPLE and calls out The Voice, American Idol and the Real Housewives franchise in particular

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If there’s one of Tori Spelling‘s former Beverly Hills, 90210 costars who isn’t tuning into her dramatic True Tori docureality series, it’s most likely Luke Perry.

“I think reality TV sucks for the most part,” the veteran actor, 47, said when he sat down with PEOPLE last week.

“It’s put so many writers out of business and put so many actors out of work that it’s changed the face of entertainment. As a guy who has grown up making his living making primetime television – get that reality s––– out of here and give more writers and actors a chance to make shows that people will watch.”

Calling out several programs in particular, Perry said, “The s––– about who’s sleeping with who and – The Real Housewives of anywhere, I don’t give a s––– . I just don’t. That’s just me. The competition shows, done – all of ya! I vote ’em done, they’re off, none! No more American Idols, no more The Voices, I’m just saying.”

Explained TV Land’s upcoming Hot in Cleveland guest star: “I want people in this country to aspire to do something besides sing and dance and act. Where’s the science, where’s the math? Let’s have a show, who’s the greatest scientific student in America? History, a writer. We are the most entertained and least educated of all the first world countries, and we need to change that.”

Perry also blames “the exploits” of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson for taking “away from legit, real [TV].”

But the iconic heartthrob doesn’t knock all non-scripted television.

“I think some of it is really informative and I like to watch it,” he said. “I was the original Deadliest Catch fan. I love that show. Those are great. Some of that stuff, like River Monster, I see a guy catching a huge fish as big as your leg with a piece of string, I will stop and watch that.”

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