Luke Perry's Daughter Sophie Opens Up About How She's Been After His Death: 'Doing the Best I Can'

The Riverdale and Beverly Hills, 90210 star died in March after suffering a stroke

Photo: Sophie Perry/Instagram

Luke Perry‘s daughter Sophie is opening up about life after his death earlier this year.

Sophie, 19, is currently doing volunteer work in Malawi and hosted a Q&A session with her nearly 98,000 Instagram followers on Friday.

Several fans asked her questions about her dad, inquiring after how she has ben coping since he died suddenly after a suffering a stroke in March.

One fan said that her positive attitude has helped them through the loss of their own father.

“I lost my dad 7 months ago. I’m much older than you BUT I really look up to you,” the follower said. Sophie responded, “I’m so sorry for your loss. That means a lot to me. I’m dealing with it all the best I can, but I know it’s the hardest thing. I wish you all the strength in the world.”

Another fan asked if the cast of Riverdale, in which Luke starred as Archie Andrews’ (KJ Apa) dad Fred Andrews, has been supportive.

“Everybody, cast and crew, has been so supportive and amazing. I love those guys,” she answered. “I’m closer to some than others, but if I needed anything, I could go to any of them.”

Another follower simply asked how she was doing, saying that Sophie comes across as “so brave and strong.”

Sophie Perry
Sophie Perry

“I’m okay. Thanks for asking. How are you?” Sophie started her response. “I wouldn’t call myself particularly brave or strong, I’m just doing the best I can. I have all the support in the world and the best family in my corner which makes it a lot easier to be ‘brave.'”

Sophie added that all the press about her dad is something new to deal with, saying it’s difficult to see his picture everywhere.

“I think people forget or don’t realize that in my lifetime he wasn’t famous the way he was during the 90210 era. By the time I was old enough to understand all that, he wasn’t as in the spotlight as he is now,” she explained. “And I wasn’t at all public or looked at. So I’m seeing all that stuff for the first time. The shock of all that is new.”

Sophie Perry
Sophie Perry

Despite the ups and downs she is experiencing, Sophie was still able to make some jokes.

To a fan who asked if she watched Riverdale, she replied, “No… what is that???”

She then clarified she was kidding, but admitted that it’s “a little bit hard” for her to watch the popular CW drama right now.

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Sophie honored her dad on Father’s Day earlier this month with a post to Instagram.

“I know this is comin at u a day late but Malawian internet really didn’t want to help me out so… it is Father’s Day, and dad I miss and love you dearly,” Sophie said in her post, which included a photo of herself with Luke and brother Jack. She continued her post with a shout-out for Jack’s 22nd birthday, which was one day after Father’s Day.

Sophie Perry
Sophie Perry/Instagram

“To the brother that blows all others out of the water,” she added. “To the mentor who taught me to be brave. To the boy who I wrestled with on the trampoline. To the man who is everything I ever wanted to be. Happy birthday, you beautiful beaver boy. I wish I could be with you, now more than ever. But I’ll be there soon enough, to watch you kick major ass and have all your dreams, all the dreams I had for you, come true. Watch out though, I’ve been practicing my Canadian Destroyer…”

Jack has also opened up about how the family dealt with the loss of Luke.

“I think everybody’s just doing the best they can and kind of taking it day by day,” Jack told PEOPLE in May. “It was kind of wild because there was this private thing obviously for me and family, but, at the same time, the whole world was kind of involved.”

Jack added, “I’m proud to know that my dad touched so many people in a really positive way and made them feel better.”

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