Luke P. Opens Up About Argument on The Bachelorette and Hannah Brown Claps Back at Him on Twitter

"In our conversation my heart was never to judge our condemn Hannah," Luke wrote on Instagram

Luke P. is clearing the air after being sent home following his argument with Hannah Brown on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

The former contestant, 24, found himself in hot water with Hannah, 24, after he revealed that although he’s not a virgin, he’s been abstinent for nearly four years and plans to wait until marriage to have sex again — and expects Hannah to follow suit.

“It hurt my heart that @alabamahannah felt I was shaming her,” Luke wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of them smiling while on a helicopter ride in Santorini, Greece.

“In our conversation my heart was never to judge or condemn Hannah,” Luke explained. “I was simply making a decision for myself on what I expected in our relationship, our conversations and our beliefs led me to believe we were on the same page about sex.”

“For me it was never about getting a rose, it was always about finding a wife who would choose me everyday just as I would choose her everyday,” he continued.

“As for my time on the show I made mistakes and no I’m not perfect (crazy right) I didn’t totally behave as the man I want to be and I did not represent Christ the way I thought I was prepared to and that has broken me,” he added.

Luke went on to share that his experience on the show “has taught me so much and for that I am grateful but the greatest gift I have received is a compassion for those who love the world and it’s ways.”

“My desire is to put the Father first above all things and share the truth that he has given to us all. Thank you everyone for the prayers always remember speak truth and rid yourself of all hate, let compassion drive your words. Stay tuned. #faithfuloverfamous,” he added.

Luke further explained himself on Twitter, writing to Hannah, “The difference in how we view sin is seen in the response, I’m weeping at mine and you’re laughing at yours. All sin stings. My heart hurts for us both.”

Hannah promptly wrote back, “@luke_parker777 time and time again Jesus loved and ate with ‘sinners’ who laughed. and time and time again he rebuked ‘saints’ that judged. where do you fall Luke?”

Luke responded again, explaining, “There is a difference between eating with sinners who laugh and sinners who laugh at their sin. Sin is the very thing that put Jesus on the cross and that’s not a laughing matter.”

That’s when Hannah, seemingly frustrated, fired back saying, “I have never said that I find sin funny. I’m not going to [get] lectured on appropriate emotional responses by a guy who threw deli meat in a guys lap.”

Luke ended their Twitter dispute, telling Hannah, “Your tweets about the windmill and wood were enough, it’s not about the action it’s about the response. If you want to talk about it, you know how to get ahold of me.”

Hannah previously tweeted “To the windmill, to the wall,” in reference to her evening with Peter W.

Luke and Hannah’s heated conversation occurred when they sat down for dinner.

“I am very confident that we’re on the same page with our morals and I just want to hear it from your mouth,” Luke told Hannah.

“I’ve heard people proclaim their faith, but yet they’ve said things like, “I’m excited for Fantasy Suites, I want to explore this relationship on a sexually intimate level and that’s what I’m looking forward to.” And to me, that’s like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa excuse me? What? There’s something I’m missing here. Like I don’t believe that’s something you should be doing and I just want to make sure that you’re not going to be sexually intimate with the other relationships here. Like I totally have all the trust in the world for you but at the same time I just want to make sure we’re on the same page. Like if you told me you’re going to have sex or you had sex with one or multiple of these guys I would be wanting to go home 100 percent.”

ABC/John Fleenor

Hannah admitted that prior to The Bachelorette, she’d had sex with two people with whom she was in serious relationships. “Some of the things you said, I don’t agree with at all,” she told Luke. “And honestly, like I’m like kind of mad because like the way that you just said that is like, why do you have the right to do that because you’re not my husband and you’re not … it’s just that you’re questioning me and you’re judging me and feel like you have the right to when you don’t at this point. And I get when you care for somebody that you don’t want to think about somebody being intimate with another person. But guess what, sex might be a sin out of marriage, pride is a sin, too, and I feel like this is a pride thing.”

Luke tried to backtrack, but still insisted, “Let’s say you have had sex — throwing a crazy scenario at you: Let’s say you’ve had sex with all these other relationships, all. I’m willing to do or work through anything.”

“I’m a grown woman, and I can make my own decisions, and I’m not strapped to a man right now,” Hannah said.

Luke referred to Hannah having sex as a “slip-up” he could forgive, to which she replied, “I don’t slip up.”

Then she really left Luke speechless. “I know that I have given this my all. I have cried, I have struggled, I have screamed, I have made decisions that have kept me up at night,” Hannah said.

“There have been so many times that I have wanted to say I am done with you, but my heart has just not allowed me to let you go,” she added. “And I prayed so much for clarity and I feel like I have finally gotten clarity on you. And I do not want you to be my husband.”

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