"Stuff I'd never seen before," the actress said of her visit to a sex convention

By Eric Todisco
July 16, 2020 11:54 AM

Lucy Hale went way out of her comfort zone to prepare for her latest film role.

The actress, 31, appeared on E! News' The Daily Pop on Wednesday to discuss her new film A Nice Girl Like You, which Hale stars in as Lucy Neal, an "inhibited" girl who decides to create a sex to-do list after being dumped by her boyfriend (Leonidas Gulaptis).

"I read the whole script and I was so embarrassed and blushing the whole time," she shared. "The whole time I was reading it, I was just laughing my butt off."

However, the Pretty Little Liars alumna said that she was determined to use this role as an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone.

"It made me feel uncomfortable, like really uncomfortable, so I knew I had to do it to break me out of my shell," she said.

Lucy Hale
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Hale also revealed that in preparation for the film, she and her costars attended "an actual sex convention," which she described as "wild."

"Stuff I'd never seen before," she added of the experience.

Hale also admitted that she was inspired by some of the entries on her character's sex to-do list. She explained, "There are a few, I can't say which. But yeah, there are some things in the movie that I had never heard of or done. So it did, it broadened my horizons."

Lucy Hale
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Hale's new film comes on the heels of her Riverdale spinoff series Katy Keene being canceled earlier this month after one season on the CW.

Following news of the show's cancellation, Hale shared her thoughts in a teary video posted to Instagram, noting that she was “confused” about the decision, but that playing Katy was “the role of a lifetime.”

“I’ve had to do this a couple times just cause I was a blubbering mess and y’all don’t want to see that,” she said. “So I’ve kinda struggled all day with what I wanted to say about this, or if I shouldn’t say anything. Nothing felt right… Nothing would do justice to how I feel about Katy Keene or how I feel about the people involved with it. Truly one of the highlights of my life, like just such a joy from top to bottom.”

A Nice Girl Like You is out in theaters on Friday.