Luann de Lesseps Dishes on Wedding Details – Yes, There Will Be a Prenup

"I never have been married in a traditional way so I'm excited to be a bride," the Countess tells PEOPLE

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Luann de Lesseps is putting the past behind her.

After discovering that her soon-to-be husband Tom D’Agostino, Jr., kissed another woman at the Regency Hotel, the Real Housewives of New York City star has since granted forgiveness and is now moving forward with her life all while planning her wedding.

“I’m so in love,” the 51-year-old says in this week’s issue of PEOPLE. “Knowing that we can get through this has made our relationship even stronger. If you can’t forgive those you love, who can you forgive?”

Though the duo, who will wed on New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach, Fla., will be expecting about 250 guests (including Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein), there is one person who will not be in attendance – Bethenny Frankel.

After Frankel revealed a bombshell to de Lesseps, showing her photo proof of D’Agostino, Jr.’s infidelity, the Countess says that she finds Frankel “very negative.”

“You’d think she’d be happy for me, but I think she’s just an unhappy person,” de Lesseps says.

Later adding, “It’s hard to invite people that tried to do you harm. So we’ll see.”

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One person who did receive an invite, was her ex husband. But she’s “not sure” he’s coming yet.

“It depends, but he’s invited,” she says. “He’s very supportive.”

De Lesseps, who was married to Count Alexandre de Lesseps from 1993 to 2009, says she’s ready for a brand new experience.

“I’m most excited to celebrate, to celebrate our life together,” she says. “I’m most excited to have all our friends together. And I’m excited to walk down the aisle, I’ve never done it, I eloped. So I never have been married in a traditional way so I’m excited to be a bride. That’s why I’m wearing a veil.”

On the subject of prenup, de Lessups says her and D’Agostino, Jr. will both be signing.

“Oh yeah well we both have assets,” she says. “He’s got a big business and assets and so do I.”

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