Luann de Lesseps Confirms She's Dating Hamptons Trainer Garth Wakeford

"He's tall, he's handsome, he looks like a Viking," Luann de Lesseps said of her new beau 

Luann de Lesseps; Garth Wakeford
Luann de Lesseps, Garth Wakeford. Photo: Manny Carabel/Getty Images; Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Does the Countess have a new man in her life?

The Real Housewives of New York City’s Luann de Lesseps confirmed this week that while she still considers herself single, she has begun dating Hamptons trainer Garth Wakeford. The reality star discussed her relationship status, and her foray into dating apps, during an appearance on the podcast Ex Appeal Wednesday.

The reality star said she first met the 6-foot-6-inch South African athlete — a former rugby player — on a dating app. Her initial reaction to his profile, she said, was “Oh, he is too good to be true.”

The pair then met up for coffee, with masks on, and Wakeford, 49, was just what she had hoped. “I said, ‘Oh, my God! He’s exactly what he looks like on the app.’ He’s tall, he’s handsome, he looks like a Viking,” de Lesseps, 55, recalled.

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Rumors about their relationship began swirling earlier this month when de Lesseps and Wakeford were spotted leaving Hamptons restaurant Tutto Il Giornio, where they had gotten lunch. Afterwards, they got into Wakeford’s car together.

In addition to opening up about her new romance, the “Money Can’t Buy You Class” singer also discussed how she first turned to dating apps, namely Hinge and celeb-favorite Raya, when meeting people amid the coronavirus pandemic proved to be a challenge.

“Right now I am single. I've had a couple of dates here and there, you know with the pandemic in place it's just been so hard to meet people,” she said. “So my niece got me on Hinge and then got me on Raya, so I've been kind of flirting on some dating apps. It's so much fun to date but with COVID it's hard to date, so I feel like flirting is the next best thing.”

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When asked if her being in the public eye makes dating difficult, de Lesseps said, “I don't look at myself as famous — I really don’t. I’m just basically living my best life on The Housewives.”

“I’m just a girl who’s looking to date really,” she added, going on to say that it can be “a great thing” when she’s recognized on an app.

“A guy is either like ‘I can handle that’ or ‘I can't,’ so it weeds out a lot of people,” de Lesseps said.

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