A source close to the Housewives says Luann D'Agostino went through with her wedding despite 'reservations" because "she had to put on a good face to avoid embarrassment"

By Liz McNeil and Lanford Beard
July 17, 2017 02:10 PM

As Luann D’Agostino hits a “major rough patch” with her husband of seven months, Tom, many are wondering why the Real Housewives of New York City star decided to walk down the aisle after all the controversy surrounding her whirlwind courtship with the businessman.

A source close to the Housewives tells PEOPLE that Luann had “hesitations” and “reservations” before her lavish, three-day wedding in Palm Beach this past New Year’s weekend — “she had confided in friends that she knew something was up and that it didn’t gel — but she had to put on a good face to avoid embarrassment.”

One cause of well-documented friction between Tom, 50, and his new bride? The former lifelong bachelor’s previous infidelity and flirtatious personality created “a lot of trust issues” for Luann, 52, who was married to Count Alexandre de Lesseps from 1993–2009 and gave up her Countess title when she wed Tom..

“There have been a lot of problems,” acknowledges the source. “She felt he was using her for her fame and he went from Ramona to Sonja to her. He’s a Housewife groupie.”

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But as the wedding — which was featured on the current season of RHONY — approached, Luann decided to follow her heart, telling PEOPLE last December: “I’m not going to let a stupid kiss ruin the rest of my life.”

As the couple fight to save their marriage, another source tells PEOPLE of the D’Agostinos, “They were very in love and still are in love — it’s just dealing with making a marriage work, especially one later in life.”

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