'LPBW' : Amy Roloff and Fiancé Chris Marek Discuss the Possibility of Getting Married on Roloff Farms

"I'm glad Matt offered it 'cause it is a beautiful setting. He said, 'There's no rules, no anything,' " Amy Roloff says about ex-husband Matt Roloff in a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek

Amy Roloff's wedding countdown is on!

On Aug. 28, the Little People, Big World star will be tying the knot with fiancé Chris Marek, and on Tuesday's episode of the hit TLC series, the couple discusses the possibility of getting married on Roloff Farms — the place where Amy used to call home and raised her family with ex-husband Matt Roloff.

"Aug. 28 it is," Amy, 56, says in a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek as Chris adds, "Set in stone."

"It is set in stone," she says, before teasing, "There's no going back now, babe."

Though Amy and Chris haven't confirmed the property as their final pick, they tell Matt, 59, and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler — who has been a longtime employee at the Oregon farm — to hold the wedding date as they all discuss potential areas where the ceremony could take place.

"Because Roloff Farms is very much our plan B, I wanted to make sure that Matt wasn't doing anything on that date or had planned something else happening on the farm. So I wanted to let him know as soon as possible that, 'Whatever you're planning, don't plan it for that weekend,' " Amy says to the cameras.

Little People, Big World
Chris Marek and Amy Roloff. TLC

While all sitting together, Chris tells Matt and Caryn that his ideal location for the nuptials would be in the "same spot" where Amy's daughter Molly Roloff got married.

Molly, 27, tied the knot with her husband Joel Silvius in August 2017. Along with Molly, Matt and Amy share twins Jeremy and Zach Roloff, both 31, and son Jacob Roloff, 24.

But although she's grateful for Matt's offer, Amy is unsure that everything she visualizes for her wedding day could be carried out.

"I'm glad Matt offered it 'cause it is a beautiful setting. He said, 'There's no rules, no anything,' " says Amy, who got engaged to Chris in September 2019. "But there is that uncertainty where even though he said that, and I want to do something, and he's like, 'Well no, that's not gonna happen, Amy. I don't want that here.' Whatever. Probably be a little awkward, a little stressful."

Little People, Big World
Caryn Chandler, Matt Roloff, Chris Marek and Amy Roloff. TLC

In April 2020, Amy and Chris said that Matt and Caryn would both be invited to their special day — but that there is no "obligation" for them to attend.

"It's not like they're not going to be invited," Amy told Us Weekly.

"We kind of already have the impression that it's not something that they're interested in going to," said Chris. "They're welcomed if they'd like to come. We don't want anyone coming to our wedding out of obligation. The wedding is supposed to be about good friends and close family. And I like Matt. I get along with him fine and Caryn. But we're not friends that hang out. We don't do things together," he said. "They're welcomed if they'd like to come, but I don't want them to feel obligated."

"He's the father of my kids. I was married to him for a long time. He's the grandfather of my grandkids and stuff," said Amy. "They're more than welcome. But like Chris said, and I would totally agree, I just don't want to invite someone because we're inviting them."

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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