TLC's newest offering has London giving women "make-unders" instead of What Not to Wear-esque makeovers

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
January 23, 2015 09:00 AM

More than a year after Stacy London guided audiences across America on what to wear (or What Not to Wear), she returns to TLC Friday for the new show Love, Lust or Run.

Unlike What Not to Wear, the series aims to give women “make-unders” instead of makeovers, by toning down extreme looks that are hiding the natural beauty within.

As seen in a clip exclusive to PEOPLE, the show takes to the streets and crowdsources opinions from strangers who vote whether they love an outfit, lust over it or would run from the person wearing it.

Tanika on Love, Lust, or Run

Unfortunately for single mom Tanika, the consensus for her “punk Barbie” look – as she describes it – is “RUN!”

Tanika came to Love, Lust or Run because her 9-year-old daughter Brianna is embarrassed about her not looking like the other moms. “And you don’t have to look like the other moms – there’s a happy medium to be had here,” says London, 45, before telling Tanika to strip it all away – the hair, the makeup, everything.

You know you want to find out how Tanika looks underneath her over-the-top look – tune in to the premiere to find out how London continues to work her magic.

Love, Lust or Run airs on Fridays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.