Grant Crapp shared a slideshow of devastating photo, revealing the aftermath of the fires, which were caused by a heatwave

By Robyn Merrett
January 04, 2020 01:18 AM
Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram

Love Island Australia star Grant Crapp is revealing the devastating aftermath of one of the country’s many fires.

On Friday, Crapp, who had previously tried to fight off the flames from engulfing his home on the New South Wales South coast, explained he lost “everything.”

“Reality of the bushfires. Lost everything. Grateful that the people that matter are still with me,” Crapp, 24, wrote alongside a slideshow of photos and videos, which show the horrifying damage done to his property.

In addition to losing his home, Crapp’s animals were badly injured during the fire.

In the first photo of the series, Crapp’s girlfriend Lucy Cartwright is captured feeding their horse, who is seen with bloody open wounds after suffering burns to the head.

Next, Crapp shared a heartbreaking image of his alpaca. The animal is standing upright with its eyes closed as the entire bottom half of its body is completely charred.

WARNING: Some readers may find photos below distressing

Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram
Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram

In the video he shared, Crapp took fans inside his home as he sifted through his debris covered kitchen and living room.

The reality star also shared what remained of his completely scorched backyard, showing a field of trees stripped of their leaves.

Tragically after seeing what he could recover from his own home, another fire started up with the reality star sharing a photo of the sky turning ominously turning orange and writing “Here we go again.”

Crapp further stressed the severity of the fires on his Instagram Story and urged residents to be prepared.

“Everyone in the south coast region please be ready. Bateman’s Bay Area… this afternoon we are expecting gail force winds (north easterly, then sweeping back to a southernly,” he wrote.

Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram
Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram
Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram

“Be aware of burnt trees. They will fall and will create havoc, blocking roads and potentially trapping you. Follow your safety plan and get out if you feel are under threat,” he added.

Crapp began documenting the fire which claimed his home on Monday, posting a terrifying video of smoke and embers as the fire closed in on his property.

Crapp, who won the Australian version of the reality show in 2018, posted the footage to his Instagram Stories that showed smoke surrounding his home.

“We actually can’t even breathe anymore right now,” Crapp said in the video while trying to cover his face with his shirt.

Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram
Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram

“It’s actually surreal to feel warm wind. And there’s a fire that’s three kilometers away, it’s f— huge, so we’ve just had to evacuate,” he continued in one of the videos.

“The actual wind is hot from the fire. It’s so scary,” he later added.

Crapp said the smoke was affecting his vision, and later retrieved safety goggles to help him see. He then filmed himself using a hose to water the area around his property.

“What do you reckon, Lucy?” Crapp asked his girlfriend in the video. “We’re in for it, aren’t we, sweetheart?”

In one of the stories, a helicopter is seen retrieving water from the ocean to help extinguish the approaching fire.

The incident is especially harrowing as reported that Crapp and Cartwright purchased the $770,000 home eight months ago.

Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram
Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram
Credit: Grant Crapp/Instagram

Caused by a heatwave, among other factors, more than 130 fires continue to burn across New South Wales and Victoria, leaving 17 people dead — including two firefighters, Geoffrey Keaton and Andrew O’Dwyer — and many others unaccounted for, as well as forced hundreds from their homes and left thousands stranded, CNN reported.

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Millions of acres of land across the continent have also been destroyed from the flames, including 8.9 million acres of land in New South Wales, 2.9 million acres in Western Australia, 1.9 million acres in Victoria, at least 618,000 acres in Queensland, and more than 225,000 acres in South Australia, according to CNN.

On Wednesday — one day after what was reportedly deemed the deadliest day of the fire crisis since its start — Australia deployed military ships and aircraft to help victims and communities in need.

A state of emergency was also declared in New South Wales in December, which gives the Rural Fire Service commissioner “extraordinary powers” to make decisions for using and allocating government resources, according to CNN.

As of Thursday, there are 2,000 firefighters working in New South Wales alone, with additional help arriving from the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Part of the heartbreaking death toll count includes 8,000 koalas from New South Wales, which equates to a third of the region’s entire koala population. That figure is expected to increase as the fires worsen throughout the week.

Ecologists from the University of Sydney believe 480 million total mammals, birds and reptiles have died since September, reported.