Love Island's Kyra Green to Guest Star in The Bold and the Beautiful: 'I Was So Nervous'

The model and reality star will appear in two episodes of the hit CBS soap this month

TV worlds collide!

PEOPLE can exclusively announce that Kyra Green, who recently competed on the inaugural American season of Love Island on CBS, will next appear on the network’s hit soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. She will guest star in one episode airing Sept. 20 and another airing Sept. 23.

Green, a 22-year-old musician from Harlem, New York, who lives in Los Angeles, tells PEOPLE the experience of being on set was “so rad.”

“Everyone, including the crew and actors, were beyond sweet to me,” she says. “I was so nervous since it was my first acting job since my Kidz Bop days when I was like 10.”

“I’ve always loved acting, so I’m so excited to be getting back into it,” she adds. “One of the coolest moments on Love Island was when I was able to host one of the game shows and I had lines!”

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Green, who plays a model, says her parents are longtime fans of The Bold and the Beautiful and adds that her whole family “has always loved fashion.”

“I started doing fashion week in New York, London, Paris and Milan when I was 16, so it was cool to play that role on the show,” she says. “Especially since I’m more focused on my music now with my band 212Green.”

Kyra Green (left) and Mariana Vicente with Thorsten Kaye Photo (episode airs Sept. 23).

In addition to working with her band, since leaving the Love Island villa in Fiji, Green has been busy spending time with fellow contestant Cashel Barnett. She calls him her “first official boyfriend,” and the two even started a YouTube channel, Kyra Cash.

“It’s honestly been amazing,” she says. “We live so close to each other, and my biggest fear was that we wouldn’t feel the same or be the same in the outside world, but we’ve been able to be ourselves even more. Somehow we both managed to get even more goofy.”

According to Green, her siblings and friends are “obsessed” with her new man.

“He’s meeting my parents this month and then we’re taking a road trip to Sacramento to meet his folks,” she says. “Cash can make friends with anyone, though, so I wasn’t nervous about that — I’m more nervous to meet his family for sure! We’re both so close with our families, so it means a lot to the both of us.”

And as she readjusts to her life back home, Green says there’s one thing in particular she misses about Love Island.

“The real world can be overwhelming, in the villa you just have each other,” she explains. “No phones and no social media, which honestly is such an amazing feeling and so rare for our generation. I miss that the most, not being connected to my phone all day. I’ve tried to change my ways somewhat being back.”

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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