'Love Island' 's Kyra Green Opens Up About Being Bisexual: 'My First Love Was with a Girl'

On Tuesday's season premiere, the L.A.-based musician surprised another contestant with a revelation about her sexuality

LOVE ISLAND - Kyra Green
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WARNING: The following post contains spoilers from the Love Island premiere.

Love Island has hopped across the pond to the United States — and it’s already made a splash.

On Tuesday, the American adaptation of the British reality TV sensation premiered on CBS, introducing viewers to the first 11 Islanders. The last contestant to arrive was Kyra Green, a 22-year-old musician from Harlem, New York, who lives in Los Angeles. Her surprise introduction came after the others had already coupled up, so Kyra will have her pick of the five guys at the next official re-coupling. Per the tried-and-true formula of the show, that means Kyra will be forced to break up a couple, leaving one of the other girls vulnerable, instantly generating a dramatic cliff-hanger.

But could she ultimately couple up with a woman? Kyra is bisexual, revealing during a conversation with fellow contestant Yamen Sanders on Tuesday night’s episode that she dated a girl for two years.

Whether Kyra decides to stay within the heterosexual borders that the show has carved out remains to be seen. (Since the original British version premiered in 2015, there has only been one same-sex couple: Bisexual contestants Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon were briefly coupled up in season 2.) Speaking to PEOPLE before entering the villa, she revealed that she was actually introduced to Love Island through an ex-girlfriend — and said she hopes American viewers will accept whatever unfolds.

“I feel like honestly people are a little bit more free in the U.K. version, and more open to certain things,” she said. “Like, I’m bisexual and I’ve had relationships with girls and guys. I just hope everyone can be themselves and America is supportive.”

“My first love was with a girl,” she added. “But recently, when I moved out to L.A., I fell in love with a guy. A package delivery guy that my sister is really good friends with, actually. So I’ve been in love with both, but my first love was with a girl.”

So exactly which sex did she say she planned on pursuing?

“That’s a great question,” she said. “Story of my whole life. I guess you just have to go with how you feel. I don’t know. There’s no answer to that question, really, I just have to see what happens. But I want to make some friends, too, so I want to start out being chill with the girls and I’m excited to meet the dudes. I’m hoping there are some weirdos in there.”

Love Island
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Asked what her type on paper is, Kyra said her ultimate celebrity crush is Johnny Depp from Cry-Baby.

“I don’t like a normal guy,” she said. “I like a guy where it doesn’t matter what his differences are, whether he’s tatted or has long hair or paints his nails — I grew up in a family of hippies, just do-whatever-makes-you-happy, so it’s always super hot to me when a guy is his true self and not just the norm and he’s confident in that.”

“Personality-wise, I’m such a person that goes off of vibes, so if it’s just not clicking, it’s not clicking,” she added. “But also if he’s super cocky — there’s a difference between confident and cocky. I’m sassy, so I definitely need a guy who is confident and can handle some sass. But I don’t like someone who is overly cocky and into himself and all he wants to do is talk about himself and look at himself. I’m just not into that type.”

Heading into the villa, she vowed to keep an open mind — and an open heart.

“I feel like at the end of the day, you have to go in and just put yourself out there,” she said. “I feel like when anyone goes in there and they try to be something that they’re not, or they try to play the game, everyone can see it on the outside. It’s 24/7 surveillance, so I can’t really go in there trying to fake anything or do anything that’s not me because at the end of the day, it always comes out, which is a good thing. So I’m just going to go in and be myself and not try to force anything.”

Love Island airs weeknights (8 p.m. ET) on CBS through Aug. 7.

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