Love Island Finale: Cely and Johnny Reflect on Their 'Beautiful Love Story' in Sneak Peek

The winning couple will be revealed during Wednesday night's season finale

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from season 2 of Love Island U.S.A.

We've reached the Love Island finish line.

Americans have been voting for their favorite couple, and the results will be unveiled during Wednesday night's season finale. But first, as per tradition, the finalists get one last chance to profess their love to each other. In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek, Johnny and Cely take the stage in front of their fellow remaining Islanders — Caleb and Justine, Carrington and Laurel, and Calvin and Moira.

"Johnny, in one of our most important conversations, you told me that you wanted to show me that fairy tale love stories existed," Cely begins. "That conversation foreshadowed our journey here on Love Island, because not only have you given me the most beautiful love story, but you helped me grow in so many ways I would have never imagined."

"Throughout our time in the villa, we have shared laughs, tears and secrets. I have learned what makes Johnny Johnny," she continues. "I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I get to call you my boyfriend. This is the end of our story on Love Island, but it's only the beginning of Jely. So here's to you, to me, as the best is yet to come."

Love Island

Everyone cheers, they kiss, and then it's Johnny's turn.

"Cely, every time I find myself alone with you, I lose myself in the moment, and I feel as if I'm falling in love all over again," he says. "With our time here coming to a close, memories continue to flood my mind, causing waves of emotion to overwhelm me at times. Intimate, romantic, memorable threads that continue to tie us closer together each day."

"You're my ride or die, you're the Bonnie to my Clyde," he continues. "Cely, I love you, and I cannot wait to continue what we have going. You're amazing, and I'm a lucky guy."

Johnny and Cely, both part of the original cast, have been coupled up since early on in the season. They've weathered some challenges — namely, Johnny's wandering eye during the Casa Amor twist.

The show is based on the wildly popular U.K. format, which is available on Hulu. The first U.S. season was taped at a villa in Fiji, and the current season 2 has been shooting under quarantine in Las Vegas due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with contestants sequestered in a "bubble" at a villa on top of the Cromwell hotel.

The Love Island finale airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, where the winning couple will take home $100,000.

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