Love Island champs Justine and Caleb weigh in on runners-up Johnny and Cely's relationship

Casa Amor is designed to make waves on Love Island — and it never fails.

On season 2 of the U.S. franchise, which was shot under quarantine in Las Vegas, the coupled-up contestants were put to the ultimate relationship test when 10 new Islanders were thrown into the mix to shake things up. The twist saw the OG guys move to Casa Amor, where they were joined by five new ladies. Meanwhile, the OG girls faced their own temptations when five new boys unpacked their bags at the original villa.

Needless to say, things took a turn for Johnny Middlebrooks. Though he was coupled with Cely Vazquez, he spent the first night in Casa Amor under the covers in bed with new Islander Mercades Schell. He eventually decided to stick with Cely, but the damage had already been done — and drama from his Casa Amor shenanigans followed him all the way to the end of the season.

love island
Johnny and Mercades
| Credit: Adam Torgerson/CBS Entertainment 

During an appearance on PeopleTV's Reality Checkseason 2 winners Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew weighed in on the situation.

"The toughest part was being so close to [Cely] and wanting the best for her, and just seeing how loyal she was and how great of a person she is," Justine said. "When you see those things in a person, you want the person that they're with to see those things as well."

Love Island
Johnny and Cely
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While there were times that she admits she went into "protective mode," she said she stands by Johnny and Cely's relationship.

"Johnny is somebody who showed Cely every single day how he felt about her, and that maybe was not always portrayed," Justine said. "So being in there with them all day every day and seeing how they interact with each other and how much Johnny does really care for her, we knew that they'd work things out and everything would turn out okay with them."

Caleb, who witnessed Johnny's Casa Amor fling in person, said it was "100 percent" blown out of proportion.

"I think that a lot of people have to realize that this was very, very early on into [Johnny and Cely] even knowing each other as people, let alone being in some type of romantic partnership," he said. "I think that it should definitely be left in the past. What is most important is that they're working on their relationship, it is their relationship."

love island
Johnny (left) and Caleb
| Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

"I think that Johnny and Cely have a really bright future together," he continued. "They love each other, they show it not just through words but in action, and they're a pleasure to be around. I hope that now that we have left the villa that that whole situation kind of stayed back in the past."

As for Justine and Caleb? They're still basking in the glow of being crowned fans' favorite couple.

"I think one of the things that got Caleb and I to where we're at now is not letting the pressure of anything or anyone affect what we have," Justine said. "We're just kind of doing things our own way, and we're definitely taking that from the villa and applying it to the outside. Right now, we want to have some time to ourselves and just go at our own pace. But we definitely have plans to see each other a lot and just kind of have alone time for ourselves."

Love Island
Caleb and Justine
| Credit: Adam Torgerson/CBS Entertainment

And they're the first Black couple to win Love Island, which also airs franchises in the U.K. and Australia.

"We are so flattered, so honored," Caleb said. "Thank you, America, for loving our love, because it is Black and it does mean a lot to us to see that people are supporting us, especially with everything going on in the world."

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