Zack's 'Love Is Blind' Serenade Wasn't an Original Song — He Borrowed It from Ludo with the Band's Permission

Zack Goytowski called his musical number before proposing to Irina Solomnova "probably one of my top five most embarrassing moments"

Love Is Blind’s Zack Borrowed a Song From Band Ludo for Fiancée Irina — with the Band’s Permission
Photo: Netflix

Warning: This post contains spoilers about season 4 of Netflix's Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind season 4 has caught the attention of some music savvy fans for one "original" music number.

Viewers identified the true song that Zack Goytowski sang to Irina Solomonova ahead of their proposal as Ludo's "Sara's Song."

Before he popped the question, Zack announced to Irina that he "wrote" her a song — which sparked confusion among some fans.

Zack did change some of the lyrics — like replacing the name Sara with Irina, and making a cheeky reference to laying in the "pods". However, credit for the non-original song was given where it was due — at least behind the scenes.

After fans rallied online to inform Ludo their song was used, the band clarified that they were in communication with Netflix on Zack's cover long before the season premiered.

"So many of you sending this our way. Thank you!" the band tweeted. "Yes, we know and the show got our permission. Glad you guys are looking out for us!"

Ludo's Tom Convy later told PEOPLE, "We were happy to clear the songs. They used 'Sara's Song' of ours which is a pretty obscure track from our very first album that we released ourselves 20 years ago. Our singer Andrew wrote it for his then-girlfriend."

He added, "What we didn't know is that Zack prefaced his performance of our song with 'I wrote you a song.' Obviously that's become a source of controversy and it's hilarious that we're in the middle of it. We don't know Zack and haven't seen the whole show, but I don't think there was any malicious intent here, and Andrew isn't exactly worried about losing his job."

Convy also expressed thanks to their "dedicated" fanbase before joking, "We'll be back in the studio soon and we're hoping Zack writes us a song - we figure he owes us one."

PEOPLE has reached out to Netflix for further comment.

Zack also addressed the mixup on Instagram and Twitter, naming Ludo as his "favorite band."

"I credited that song to them," he replied to a commenter. "I actually sang the entire song beginning to end it just gets cut probably because everyone would turn the TV off after 30 seconds. It wasn't an original. I just changed some of the lyrics."

The season 4 star also called the serenade to his fiancée "probably one of my top five embarrassing moments."

Love Is Blind’s Zack Borrowed a Song From Band Ludo for Fiancée Irina — with the Band’s Permission
Courtesy of Netflix

Zack's tweet also revealed there were plenty of other musical moments in the pods that viewers just didn't have a chance to see.

On the series, Zack popped the question to Irina — but their honeymoon phase didn't last long. By the end of their trip to Mexico, both Zack and Irina mutually agreed to end their engagement. It turned out their attraction in the pods didn't hold up in person. Irina even encouraged Zack to chase after his other connection Bliss Poureetezadi when he returned to Seattle.

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The first five episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 are now streaming on Netflix, with new episodes will rolling out on Fridays.

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