'Love Is Blind' 's Season 4 Singles Face Fears and Family Doubt: 'Romeo & Juliet Didn't Work for a Reason'

One hopeful says there is "a tremendous amount to risk" in making a lifelong commitment without ever seeing their partner in the Love Is Blind season 4 trailer

Love Is Blind is almost back!

In the reality dating show's upcoming fourth season, 30 singles from Seattle will embark on an unconventional journey for love — and decide to marry without ever seeing their partners.

As fans know, the hopefuls will meet their potential matches while speed dating while in the pods, which prohibits the singles from seeing each other.

In the show's new trailer, things kick off to a dramatic start as one man declares, "I made the wrong choice and now I'm going to propose to another woman."

Tiffany worries that she may be too old to find her perfect match. "I have doubts about being my age and not finding a person," she says.

Brett opens up in the pods, telling his potential match, "You can picture this great future with somebody and then this person is gone."

Love Is Blind's Season 4
Courtesy of Netflix

There'll be plenty of tears and tense moments before the group celebrates their engagements and heads off to a tropical honeymoon. But once there, the newly-engaged individuals struggle to connect their emotional connections with their physical ones.

"It's weird seeing her in person, bro," Kwame admits to Brett.

Tiffany also makes her intentions clear, telling the group, "If you're here to sabotage my love life, I will keep one eye open for you."

Later, while some of the men are adjusting to a life with a partner, Kwame shares: "We live in a house together. This is full-out adulting," while Paul adds, "To make a lifelong commitment, it's a tremendous amount to risk."

Zack is concerned how he can move forward in a relationship without family support.

"I don't want to be in a marriage where your parents hate me," he says. "You know Romeo and Juliet didn't work for a reason."

Love Is Blind's Season 4
Courtesy of Netflix

As the couples get closer to the altar, more doubts linger about their romantic futures. One single can be heard saying, "It's one week until I get married," as Micah asks, "Do you feel like you're questioning?"

Jackelina also gets heated at one point, aggressively telling her partner: "We don't have sex, bro. You're gonna give me a migraine."

Marshall gets candid about his relationship, too. "The emotional connection is a very intense high," he tells cameras.

Kwame shares that he has always been the one to make sacrifices in a relationship, explaining, "I feel like I'm somebody who tends to compromise a lot."

Love Is Blind's Season 4
Monty Brinton/Netflix

While other contestants fret over the "pressure" to tie the knot, Micah puts it all on the line at the altar.

"In this moment, the best thing I can do for us is give you the opportunity to answer for first," she says.

Below, meet all the Season 4 Love Is Blind singles who will be searching for love when the series returns to Netflix on March 24.

Amber - 34, Flight Attendant

Love Is Blind. Amber in Season 4

April - 29, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Love Is Blind. April in Season 4

Ava - 32, Communications Specialist

Love Is Blind. Ava in Season 4

Bill - 33, Real Estate Investor

Love Is Blind. Bill in Season 4

Bliss - 33, Senior Program Manager

Love Is Blind. Bliss in Season 4

Brandie - 39, Real Estate Broker

Love Is Blind. Brandie in Season 4

Brett - 36, Design Director

Love Is Blind. Brett in Season 4

Chelsea - 31, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

Love Is Blind. Chelsea in Season 4

Chris - 32, Technical Recruiter

Love Is Blind. Chris in Season 4

Conner - 28, Operations Manager

Love Is Blind. Connor in Season 4

Irina - 26, Business Owner

Love Is Blind. Irina in Season 4

Jack - 30, Software Sales

Love Is Blind. Jack in Season 4

Jackelina - 27, Certified Dental Assistant

Love Is Blind. Jackie in Season 4

Jimmy - 29, Technical Product Manager

Love Is Blind. Jimmy in Season 4

Josh - 31, Project Engineer

Love Is Blind. JoshD in Season 4

Josh "JP" - 30, Plant Operations Director

Love Is Blind. JoshS in Season 4

Juan - 30, Mortgage Loan Officer

Love Is Blind. Juan in Season 4

Kacia - 31, Family Support Specialist

Love Is Blind. Kacia in Season 4

Kendra - 33, Social Worker

Love Is Blind. Kendra in Season 4

Kwame - 33, Sales Development Manager

Love Is Blind. Kwame in Season 4

Marshall - 27, Marketing Manager

Love Is Blind. Marshall in Season 4

Micah - 27, Marketing Manager

Love Is Blind. Micah in Season 4

Molly - 32, Marriage & Family Therapist

Love Is Blind. Molly in Season 4

Monica - 31, Elementary School Teacher

Love Is Blind. Monia in Season 4

Paul - 29, Environmental Scientist

Love Is Blind. Paul in Season 4

Quincy - 36, Gym Owner & Fitness Coach

Love Is Blind. Quincy in Season 4

Ryland - 29, Commercial Insurance & Real Estate

Love Is Blind. Ryalnd in Season 4

Tiffany - 37, Client Lead Recruiter

Love Is Blind. Tiffany in Season 4

Wendi - 28, Aerospace Engineer

Love Is Blind. Wendy in Season 4

Zack - 31, Criminal Defense Attorney

Love Is Blind. Zach in Season 4

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The first three seasons of Love Is Blind are currently available to stream on Netflix. Season 4 premieres on March 24.

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