'LIB' 's Marshall Goes Deep with Jackie About 'Anxiety' to Become a Dad After His Own Father 'Would Berate Us'

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Love Is Blind season 4, the pod conversations are instantly intense as Jackie comforts her new connection Marshall on longstanding childhood trauma

Love Is Blind season 4 is almost here, and PEOPLE has a exclusive First Look at one potential couple.

In an early conversation in the pods, Marshall and Jackie discover have a lot in common and that dating blindly allows them to focus on deep conversations rather than appearance.

"There's a lot of things I don't tell my parents because I feel like my parents are so hard, you know?" Jackie says, as she wipes a tear from her eyes.

It's the start of a conversation about family — and how childhood family trauma can shape generations.

For Marshall, that means examining how he grew up. "I'm afraid that I'll raise my kids like how my dad raised me," he admits. "Honestly, I was raised with a lot of love, but my dad was not very nurturing in many ways."

Love Is Blind Season 4: Jackie and Marshall Bond Over Childhood Struggles and Parenting Fails
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He gives an example, saying his father used to "berate" him and his sister while they studied math at the dinner table. "You don't know how to do this? You don't know how to do that?" Marshall says in the voice of his father.

He adds, "Keep in mind, I'm a kid, right? He would say, 'You're gonna be on the side of the road begging for change and I'm not gonna stop to give you any.'"

Jackie chimes in with support, saying, "Oh, honey," as Marshall tears up.

"That did a lot to my psyche. From that day on, I had anxiety going into math class. I would make stupid mistakes because I had that in the back of my mind," Marshall recalls.

Despite this, he defends his father: "It's not his fault. He did what he thought was right. He thought that was encouraging — but it wasn't."

Jackie encourages Marshall to "give yourself grace, too."

She tells him, "You got a good job, you're a good man, You're not on the side of the road begging for change. And if you were, I would give you a dollar. I'd probably put you in my car."

Marshall and Jackie are just one of the many potential couples to meet on Netflix's social experiment.

Love Is Blind season 4 will feature hopeful singles from Seattle as they search for love without seeing their dates at all. If a duo decides to get engaged, they'll meet in person for the first time, move in together and walk down the aisle.

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Love Is Blind season 4 premieres Friday on Netflix.

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